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Workers’ compensation – everything you need to know

Before we go to the main topic of this article, let’s first take a look at what is workers’ compensation and how does it work. If an employee is injured or gets ill on the job, the workers’ compensation insurance needs to pay for the medical expenses and rehabilitation costs. If the employee cannot work due to the injury, the workers’ comp also needs to provide partial wages. The workers’ comp can also provide coverage for the legal expenses if an employee decides to sue the company for damages caused by the injury, accident, or illness.

Who is required to buy the workers’ comp?

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Most companies that employ people are required by law to buy coverage, however, workers’ comp requirements might vary depending on where the company is located. Sole freelancers or proprietors are usually not required to buy coverage, but they might still think about purchasing an insurance policy. If they get injured, the workers’ comp will make sure that they have partial income while they recover.

How do workers’ compensation claims work?

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People who experience an injury or occupational illness should file a report of the incident right away. Reporting periods will vary for each state and if the worker does not make a report before the deadline, they might not receive the benefits. After someone reports the illness or injury, business owners, as well as the employees should take the following steps:

1. Visit an approved health care professional – the employees that were injured or got sick should seek medical help right away. Any delays might put their health to risk. The physician will write a medical report, hence, you will be able to file it with the workers’ injury claim.

2. Start the claim process – business owners are required to provide the forms and information about the claim process, as well as the contact for the company’s insurance agency.

3. File the claim – the worker should file the claim with the insurance company, making sure that they respect the reporting deadlines. The claim should include the necessary paperwork, medical records, and forms.

4. Receive benefits – once the claim is approved, the employee will start receiving the workers’ comp benefits. According to the experts from Cordiscosaile, the benefits can include coverage for the medical expenses, rehabilitation cost, and a percentage of their wages if they are unable to work because of the illness or injury.

5. Return to work – the person injured can return to work full time or on a reduced schedule. However, this will mostly depend on the recommendation the doctor gave to the person. Employers should make reasonable changes in order to help the employees during their transition back to their workplace, as well as provide the necessary safety training in order to ensure that the same type of illness or injury does not happen again.


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Providing a safe and secure work environment can benefit both business owners and their workers. In order to minimize the chances of an accident happening, the owner could conduct regular safety training, keep the doors open to employees who have questions or safety concerns, as well as provide information on the workers’ comp.

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