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Will I Benefit From Using A Humidifier?

Humidifiers are getting quite popular these days, but before buying a humidifier you must ask yourself will I benefit from using a humidifier? A humidifier is an electronic device that is used to add moisture in the room. Humidifiers generally become a necessity during the winter season, when there are lower levels of humidity in the air and the heating systems dry out the air. But other than just adding moisture in the air, humidifiers have several other benefits too.

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Relieve Allergic Symptoms

Humidifiers are a great remedy to relieve the symptoms of different allergies. The past models of humidifiers add too much humidity into the air, which leads to the growth of certain fungi and bacteria. However, the latest models add a moderate level of moisture in the air. Average and balanced moisture soothes the nasal passages and throat and thus, the allergic person feels more comfortable.

Also, the latest models of humidifiers have a special system installed in them that kills certain germs and inhibits their growth.

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Helps Prevent Snoring

Snoring is a result of disturbed sleep. Humidifiers by adding moderate moisture in the air relax the person and help him or her to have a sound sleep that prevents snoring.

The moist air because of humidifier soothes the tissues at the back of the throat. Humidifiers keep the throat moist and prevent irritation that is associated with snoring.

A Warmer Home

According to studies, a humidified air is warmer as compared to the dry air. In the moist atmosphere, the sweat evaporates more slowly, that keep people warmer. Thus with the help of humidifiers, one can even save on the heating bills.

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Make Your Furniture Live Longer

Dry air dries out the wooden furniture and thus damages it by making it crack. In the wooden floor, it can even lead to loosening joints. Wooden door of the rooms and wardrobes change their size and it becomes difficult to open or close them, because of the joint loosening the arms and legs of chairs begin to wobble. All this is a result of too much moisture in the air or dry air. Wooden furniture requires a moderate and constant level of moisture to live longer and shine. A humidifier, when used properly with a moderate level of humidity, ensures that the wooden furniture and other wood features of your home stay best for a longer time.

Keep Your Skin Moist

Dry air and dry conditions pull out the moisture from the body leaving behind dry skin and chapped lips. Specially in winter, people suffer from skin dryness issues. Our body needs a proper amount of water to function at its best. As the skin is the largest organ of the body, so the effects of dry air are noticed on it first. When the atmosphere is dry eyes and lips also show irritation other than skin.

Using a humidifier at your home helps to prevent the skin from drying out. The added moisture in the air relieves eye irritation, helps to improve the dry skin and heals chapping or peeling of the lips.

Source: SheKnows

Prevent Static

The dry winter months bring static electricity with them. This static electricity is quite annoying and irritating when it’s associated with frizzy hair or laundry. Besides hair and clothes, the built-up static also damages the sensitive electronics or even create sparks. Moderately humidified air prevents these problems and limits the effects of static.

Eases Asthma

A humidifier helps adults and children who have asthma in breathing. It soothes the respiratory track and eases asthma. But to avail maximum benefits regarding relieving asthma symptoms, you need to keep the humidifier clean. Also, keep a check on the humidity levels as too much humidity can lead to irritation for asthma patients.

Source: HuffPost

Beneficial for Plant Health

Plants need moisture to thrive and survive. Dry air causes the plants to wither away and dry off the indoor plants. A humidifier is useful for the growth and survival of plants. It provides moderate moisture that plants need to thrive. Indoor plants are very beneficial to keep the air clean as they pull toxins out of the air. So, it is the best way to keep your plants healthy and in return, you will be healthy.

Eliminates Bad Odors

Bad and stale odors make people uncomfortable. Nobody wants bad odors in their surroundings. One of the functions of the humidifier is that it eliminates the bad odors from the atmosphere. It provides absolute comfort to the residents by quickly and effectively removing stale odors from the surroundings. A fresh and clean moist air is what a humidifier guarantees. This function is even more beneficial in winter season when you can’t open the windows from the fear of excess cold to get in.

Source: Medical News Today

Health Benefits for Babies

The immune system of babies is weaker as compared to adults so they are more prone to viruses and infections. So the parents are always in the fear that their baby might fall sick. The fear increases in winter season as there are more chances of babies to get flu and respiratory syncytial virus.

A humidifier can help you out in this. If you have installed a humidifier in the room of your child, it will make sure that there is adequate moisture in the room all the time. The air baby intake will be fresh, clean and free of any contamination. The moist air keeps the respiratory tract of children healthy and relieves dry nose, cracked and itchy skin. It also improves the sleeping behavior of babies by relaxing them.


Humidifiers provide enormous benefits not only related to the atmosphere but also regarding your health and your belongings. They protect several appliances and household materials that can be damaged when deprived of moisture. A humidifier installed in your house not only helps in strengthening your immune system but also reduces the incidence of nosebleeds by keeping the mucous membrane of the nose moist. However, keep that in mind that the humidifier is a home remedy, not a treatment. So, always consult with your doctor before using a humidifier if you have allergies.

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