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Why You Should Use a Dog Harness

Most people tend to use dog collars whenever they take their beloved pets for a walk down the park. While dog collars are convenient and normal to use, many people have expressed their concerns regarding these collars and they suggest using dog harnesses instead.

But why would you stop using something that has worked so much throughout history? In this article, we are going to talk about why you should instead use a dog harness for your canine friend.

1. It gives you more control

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A dog harness works for both small and big dogs but in the case of the latter, it gives you more control. A dog harness is a perfect accessory when you go for a walk down the park. Since there will be other dogs there, and dogs tend to be curious little buggers, it can often time be hard to control their happiness. By strapping your dog in a harness, you will have more control over your dog, even if your dog is not fully trained in good harness behavior.

2. It can prevent injuries and choke

A leash is tied around the neck of your beloved canine friend, while a dog harness goes around the back and the body. While dogs are well protected in the neck area, due to their physiology, they can still get injured from pulling. This is especially common in the case of smaller dogs. A dog harness alleviates all the pressure from the neck, to the back and the body. It spreads all the pressure and stress from one smaller, and very important area, to another larger and safer area.

3. They help with recovering dogs

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A lot of canines need surgery for one reason or the other. While surgery might be something that the dog needs right away, it still needs to be walked just like any normal circumstance after the surgery. During this period, a leash might put too much pressure on your fragile friend, so that’s why the beautiful humans at franchiestore.com have come up with a harness design that helps post-surgery dogs. The harness physically supports the dog after surgery, and it even takes care of the emotional state of your beloved canine.

4. No more tangling

Pups get excited every time they see another friend in the park. However, every time our friend gets excited, jumping, twisting, etc, it tangles the leash around themselves or around other objects. This can be very dangerous for your pet as it can potentially get injured. A dog harness eliminates all those dangerous thoughts as there is no way how the leash around the harness can get tangled around your legs or any other object for that matter.

5. Best for training

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We mentioned how using a dog harness gives you more control over your pet. Well, expert dog trainers use harnesses instead of leashes whenever they train canines. The case is the same with policies academies. Using a harness makes it easier for the trainer to teach the dog new tricks, and the dog will associate more with the harness since it will be more comfortable for him.

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