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Why you should choose teak for your garden furniture

Choosing new garden furniture can be a daunting task due to the many options available. You have to decide on the color and the style, but also you have to pick the right material as well. In the following text, we are going to discuss the benefits of teak furniture, and even though it is quite pricy, you will see that it is absolutely worth it.

Teak has been used to create all pieces of furniture, and you can check them out on this website. It is also considered to be a royal wood since ancient time, and here is why.

First of all, it is extremely durable. Due to its oil content, teak is very strong and can last for decades. In addition, it is highly resistant to a number of environmental elements such as rain, snow, as well as termites. It is also immune to moister and rotting, so there is no need to cover it and you can leave it in your garden throughout an entire year.

Source: Field and Hawken

Moreover, there are different grades of quality, from A to C. Clearly, A grade or heartwood is the best one and you should consider investing in it. In addition, even though it is very strong, still it is not too heavy, so one can carry it easily.

Furthermore, teak isn’t a high-maintenance wood. To remove dirt and other stains, you all need are mild soap and clean water. Unlike others, teak doesn’t require regular varnishes. However, it can lose its natural warm golden color and fade into silvery gray, but this depends on the climate and the amount of sun exposure. In order to restore it natural color, you can use any kind of teak finishes and other specialized products.

Another benefit is that this type of wood is self-regulating when it comes to temperature. This means that it will stay cool during summer and warm during winter months. Comparing with other materials such as metal that can get excruciating hot and icy cold, we believe this to be an important advantage.

Source: The Spruce

Moving on to the environment, teak is very eco-friendly due to its durability. Since it is so widely popular, nowadays it is grown on plantations in India and Indonesia. Also, for every tree that is cut down, another one is planted to replace it, ensuring that it will be available for many years to come.

When choosing a new set of patio furniture, you want it to have all the above-mentioned qualities and it also has to be pleasing to the eye. We can all agree that wooden furniture is more appealing than metal and of course, plastic one. Because of its elegant look and rarity, the teak garden furniture will provide you and your guests with the sense of luxury.

Source: Teak Patio Furniture World

The last thing we are going to discuss is the price. Even though it can be very expensive, if you think about it, at the same time it is cost-efficient. How? Well, buying teak furniture is once in a lifetime investment. Furniture made of cheaper materials such as plastic will require frequent replacements, while, on the other hand, the teak one will last for decades and decades to come. So, in the end, other materials are more expensive since you will have to buy a completely new set every few years.

All in all, as you can see other types of furniture come pale in comparison to teak one because of its strength, durability and of course, elegance and charming appearance.

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