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Why St Barts should be on your bucket list

The Caribbean is a word many associates with dreamlike islands surrounded by the Sea. Islands with crystal blue waters that lounge against white sandy beaches, and a captivating landscape full of tropical treasures. These exciting destinations all offer something different; whether it’s the vibrant culture of Jamaica, friendly locals in St Martin or the eco-friendly reserves in Costa Rica, you will always find an island to suit your unique interests.  St Barts is one of such Caribbean islands. However, this ultra-luxurious destination offers something vastly different.

There are many reasons why I believe St Barts should be on everyone’s bucket list, but I will start by naming the top 5!

1. Picture Perfect Landscape

Set in the heart of the Caribbean Sea and fringed by the Atlantic Ocean, the lush green landscape of St Barts is idyllic from above. As you Fly into Gustav Airport, the soothing green hues against the turquoise water will hold your eyes in a trance. Forget your Instagram filters, or editing techniques, because here in Saint Barthelemy, the colours are picture perfect.

Source: Vogue

During the High season from December to April, the island is incredibly vivacious, and it is the best time to visit – offering ideal weather conditions and vibrant vegetation after the rainy season. The landscape also enjoys gracious trade winds that keep you cool, especially in the heat of low season which runs from April to December.

Despite being a small island, the landscape is dramatically steep at times, so we recommend always renting a car during your stay. Driving from one side of the island to the next only takes twenty minutes – so you are never far from the stunning beaches, restaurants or designer boutiques.

2. Beaches

The landscape in St Barts would not be the same without its many sugar-fine sandy beaches. Laced along the coastline of the island, you will discover many white sandy beaches as well as golden shorelines. We recommend visiting the wonderful Shell beach made up of, you guessed it, shells! Shell Beach also offers a great beachfront restaurant Shellona with authentic Mediterranean cuisine (and it has one of the best desserts on the island – see picture below for some mouth-watering reference!)


You could even book a full day boat charter and see all the beaches while sailing around the island. Or perhaps you want to explore the beaches at your own pace as you pack a delicious picnic and lounge out under the sun. St Jean, Saline, Gouverneur, Colombier, Marigot and Nikki Beach are amongst the best swimmable beaches, while petit cul-de-sac and grand cul-de-sac offer great water sport activities. To read more about the many beaches, see our best beaches in St Barts Blog.

Source: Jetsetter

3. Service

Service here in St Barts is key as the islands main income is through tourism. The island has it all, with no corner is left unnoticed, and attention given to the utmost detail. Everyone is happy to help make your stay more comfortable. After the devastation of hurricane Irma, the island came together as one community to rebuild their homes and rebuild paradise, even better than before. They did not allow the sadness they felt at that moment to infringe their future happiness. Today, the locals and workers of St Barts provide an unbeatable service, on their beautifully maintained island.

4. Food

When travelling to new places, it is important to feel our best and make the most of our precious time. Sitting down to breakfast, lunch or dinner in St Barts provides you with an array of tantalizing tastes, and most importantly, it offers fresh healthy produce. The food here is all fresh and mainly imported daily from France.

In the mornings you can enjoy a fresh, colourful and delicious breakfast packed with juicy watermelon, sweet pineapple and tangy mangos – cleansing the palette and giving you a great boost to start the day. Of course, when you’re on vacation, a little treat won’t hurt – why not try the melt in your mouth fresh pastries the island has on offer. I would highly recommend stopping by La Petite Colombe patisseries for the best pastries you can imagine.

Source: Oetker Collection

Lunch and dinners are no different. The food takes on a modern twist of traditional French cuisine using only the best quality ingredients. Restaurants like Le Tamarin, Bonitos, Bagatelle, Santa Fe or Le Ti are amongst the top picks. The fish is caught locally on the island including succulent cuts of Tuna or Mahi-Mahi. For the best freshly caught fish, make your way to Fish Corner in Gustavia, run by the local fishermen on the island. Of course, following the French customs, no meal would be the same without a serving of soft, homemade bread!

5. Villas

Staying in St Barts is a once in a lifetime experience. The island has an abundance of modern and Caribbean styled St Barts vacation rentals– each offering different interior designs and all overlooking the same azure views. Click Here for more information. There is a lot to think of, from the location, setting, views and amenities of the villa.

Travelling to St Bart’s is a wonderful experience, full of luxury and elegance. Enjoy the island chic, as you explore the beautiful locations each day and retreat to the seclusion of your very own ocean view villa each night.

Source: Forbes


St Barts is a serene island that offers an abundance of activities and opportunities to unwind. It offers the perfect, ultra-luxurious vacation for you and your loved ones, and it has yet to break that promise. With great service, friendly locals, tantalizing cuisine, white sand beaches, turquoise waters, vivacious scenery and most of all, bright, glistening sunshine – St Barts is a destination you will want to have stamped in your passport!  After your visit to St Barts, check out Barbados.  It is equally wonderful with plenty of great villas and authentic Caribbean culture.

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