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Why it’s important to have a good hairdresser 

The majority of us are in love with our hair and want nothing but the best for it. The beauty of the hair lies in its ability to affect not only our look but our mood as well. A good, flattering haircut can lift your style to a new level and give you a necessary boost of confidence and enthusiasm. Everyone who has had a bad haircut is familiar with the need to constantly check on their hair and trying to make it work when it simply refuses to cooperate.
Hair is a great way of expressing your style, your mood, and your personality. It should be treated with great care and love, which is why it’s important to find a hairstylist that will treat our hair right.

Particular complications come with curly hair as it requires more attention and devotion from both you and your hairdresser. All of us with curly hair know how challenging it can be to keep our curls defined, shiny, and under control all day long. Summer is an especially difficult time for us as it can get quite hot under all those curls. Styling curly hair is a bit more demanding so it’s important for us to find a good hairdresser who knows how to deal with it.

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1. A good hairdresser will know which style will look best on you. They will consider the shape of your face, the type of your curls, the type of your hair, your skin tone, and propose the shape and color of the hair that will suit you best. You can always show up with a reference photo of what you want and your hairdresser will tell you whether or not they think it’s a good idea. Curly hair isn’t easy for styling, but an experienced hairdresser will know what to do. One curly hair salon, Christo NYC, that’s been dealing with all types of curly hair for a while now, emphasizes the importance of using proper techniques and products.

2. By talking to your stylist, you can learn a lot about how to maintain your hairstyle and keep your curls happy. Consultations are important as that is the time you can tell your hairdresser about the products you’re using, how often you get your hair trimmed, how much you style your hair, and similar. Some hairstyles are easier to maintain and some require more time and devotion. If you’re not ready for some serious maintenance, then some hairstyles just aren’t for you and your hairdresser will tell you that.

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3. The experienced hairdresser will use the right technique when cutting your curls. The technique depends greatly on the type of hair and curls. Talk about the length and density you’re after with your hairdresser and take into consideration their advice. If at any point you feel like they aren’t confident about working with your hair, don’t be afraid to look for someone else.

4. You’ll get some tips on how to maintain your hair, how to deal with your curls, and which products are best for your hair. The majority of hairdressers will make sure to give you some tips on how to recreate that “fresh from the salon” look at home.

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