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Why is everyone confused with Archie Harrison’s name?

Little Prince is here, images and videos spread around the world, showing 7th in line for the throne. Little Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, big name for little Prince, how did Meghan and Harry surprise everyone with his name, and what did people expect?

Thoughts and bets on the new name

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If it’s a boy, it will be… There are a lot of popular choices for baby boy names like Liam, Noah, James if it were a girl  Emma, Victoria, Charlotte, some even taught that the couple would honor late Princess Diana with the name if the child were a girl or Spencer for a boy.

Meghan and Harry settle on Archie, because Meghan was raised in States, and they wanted a name that was relatively normal even if he is a member of the royal family.

Center of public attention

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Meghan and Harry didn’t showcase their child to the world as soon as they set foot out of the Hospital,

they waited, and did it in their way, which is a lot different than what Prince William and Kate Middleton did when Prince George was born.

Many wondered if Harry and Meghan didn’t want to show off the baby to the rest of the world, some speculated they were pressured by the royal family to show young Prince to the public. In any case, Archie is here, and whether he was two days or two weeks old, we are happy to see him.

What does Archie’s name mean

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Brave, bold, genuine, that is the meaning of Archie’s name. Little Prince has a big responsibility if it is to judge by the translation of his name.

The surname standing beside Archie, the moniker Mountbatten-Windsor was created in 1960 merging the titles of Prince Philip and queen.

During the pregnancy Archie was called  “Baby Sussex” by media and public, that would be interesting if his middle name was Sussex.

Nevertheless, little Prince is here, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, and his name proof that Harry and Meghan like to do things their way.

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