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Why Escape Rooms are the Perfect Teambuilding Sandbox

Escape rooms are the perfect team building sandbox for your company, family, or friend group! They offer an amazing opportunity to explore new dimensions of a group dynamic and enable people to work together to explore new adventures and relationships within a group of people.

Escape rooms allow individuals to benchmark their performance among teams. This can mean some friendly competition among friends or genuinely measuring teams’ ability to work together collaboratively in order to solve puzzles, clues, and eventually escape the room. Benchmarking means reviewing certain aptitudes as a team before and after working on a challenge, in this case, an escape room. Teams can also reflect afterward on the different areas that enable people to collaborate well and find the right goals to achieve for the next time. Teams can also revisit an escape room location – though perhaps try a different room – and try their new skills with a new challenge. This will enable teams to use temporal benchmarks, too.

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Problem-solving is one of the most important skills for any group of people. In a professional setting, this may mean something more along the lines of getting new projects divided among team members or ensuring proper content flow throughout the game. On the other hand, for groups of friends or families, this can mean being able to communicate and collaborate as a group. Even just planning vacations or choosing a weekend plan can be daunting! Team building events, including escape rooms which can be booked at Tryreason can help ease individuals into the art of collaboration and delegation for group-oriented tasks.

Escape rooms are considered a “compression chamber” by nature of the time limit. We can use this to our advantage when working with groups because we can enable the prioritization of efficiency over individual effectiveness. Escape rooms drive home the point that we aren’t trying to just find the right answer, were actually trying to find the most correct answers in the least amount of time – that is, if we want to escape! This type of time pressure teamwork encourages players to reach out to one another in times of confusion or distress. Brute forcing a solution will be more of a waste of time than it’s worth. Instead, players will call for help or redelegate a question or problem to other players.

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Finally, escape rooms provide a safe space to experiment with failure and success. Players are encouraged to try solutions, work together, and attempt to find novel ways of collaborating with one another. For families, this can mean that children are encouraged to take the reigns and gain confidence in their ability to take charge of situations. Additionally, their parents are then able to find different ways to engage with their children. For friend groups, people are able to work together and partner up to solve puzzles whereas most of their social interaction is usually in a more casual setting. And of course, for professional groups, coworkers can further develop relationships and continue to learn how to meaningfully engage with one another.

Escape rooms are the perfect chance to build your team dynamic and encourage group play. Teams can learn how to work together by succeeding and failing, in a safe, controlled space. For the reasons above, escape rooms are the perfect team building sandbox. Players are able to build stronger connections and experiment with new forms of working successfully together. Bring your friends, family, coworkers, and everyone else in your life with you to an escape room and see for yourself how much your dynamic can change in a positive way with just a few hours in a challenging, engaging, and fun environment.

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