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What to look for in your new vacuum cleaner 

Buying a proper vacuum cleaner can take some time and will require you to do some research. Choosing a good vacuum cleaner is particularly important for anyone with pets and kids in the house. Pets tend to shed, bring mud and dirt from outside and toddlers are eager to put everything they find on the ground in their mouth. That’s why you want to have a peace of mind and be sure that once you’ve vacuumed, it’s clean and safe for everyone. There are many people out there suffering from asthma or allergies and for them, in particular, is important to pay attention to which vacuum they’re buying.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner?

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When choosing a vacuum cleaner, there are several factors to take into consideration. Those include the size of your home, the type of your floors, carpets, and whether or not you have pets. In case you do have pets, AllGreatVacuums advises that before buying a vacuum cleaner, you should check the suction power since in order to efficiently clean pet hair you need a vacuum that will be able to provide enough power.

Before opting for a specific vacuum, try answering these few questions.

1. How big is your home?

In case you’re living in a smaller space, you might not need a full-sized vacuum cleaner but instead choose a smaller, more compact one. If your home is bigger, you have a bit more options. Generally, you can choose between upright vacuums, canister vacuums, corded or cordless ones, noisier or quieter ones, and more.

Cordless vacuums are typically smaller and are unable to handle heavy cleaning meaning they are not perfect for bigger spaces. Also, bagless vacuum cleaners are a better choice for smaller spaces for one simple reason and that is that they need to be cleaned and emptied more often than bagged ones.

2. What flooring types do you have?

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If you have a lot of carpets around your home, a good choice for you would be an upright vacuum cleaner. Also, if your carpets are different in each room, you want to make sure that your vacuum has height adjustment option which will make it convenient for cleaning different types of carpets. Canister vacuums are a good option for anyone who has hardwood or tile flooring and not a lot of carpets. They usually come with several different, specialized floor brushes for different types of floors. If you own deep-pile carpets, you might want to consider getting a vacuum that comes with special, high-quality floor nozzles that are made with those types of carpets in mind.

3. Does anyone in your home have allergies or asthma?

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In case you need to take special care about the quality of air inside your home, then you should narrow down your choices to the vacuum cleaners that provide HEPA filtration. These filters can stop particles that are 0.3 microns or bigger from entering the air you breathe. They suck the air in and filter it meaning that the air that leaves the vacuum cleaner is a lot cleaner. Another good side of these vacuum cleaners is that they can also take care of the odors for you which is highly useful for pet owners.

4. What features do you need?

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If there are a lot of different types of floor surfaces in your home, you’ll need to look for a vacuum cleaner that has variable suction which will allow you to easily clean all types of floors without the vacuum sticking down. Also, there are some models that are a lot quieter than others making them perfect for you if you don’t want to bother your neighbors or the people you live with. You can choose between those that sound like a car and those that aren’t louder than a whisper.

After a bit of researching, you can easily find a vacuum cleaner that is in your price range and has all the necessary features to make your cleaning effortless and enjoyable!

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