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What To Do If Your Man’s Dog Makes You Sneeze

You’ve done it. You met a guy who is funny, smart, easy on the eyes, and treats you well. There’s only one problem: his dog makes you sneeze. Whether you suffer from multiple allergies or have just discovered you don’t react well to a specific dog breed, take heart that there are graceful ways to handle the situation and keep the guy.

  1. Work On Your Cute Sneeze: If you can’t help but achoo, try to make it a quirky quality and develop your own signature sneeze.
  2. Tell Him It’s Not Personal: Go ahead, have a talk with his dog. Tell him, “It’s not you; it’s me! I may be allergic to you, but we can still be friends.” The dog won’t understand, but your guy will appreciate your sensitivity toward his best friend.
  3. Give The Gift Of Grooming: Offer to take your new man’s dander machine to the groomer. You could even set up regular appointments to help keep Max, Bailey, Rocky or Buster as clear and free of dander as possible.
  4. Save Your Kisses For Your Man: Your new man’s pooch may want to slather you with sloppy kisses, but hopefully his master has mastered the technique of saliva control. Try to minimize how many sloppy nuzzles you receive on your hands and face from the dog, as the dog’s saliva contains allergens.

Source: DogsAholic

If things blossom between you and your new man, and you see the road sign for “serious relationship” ahead, whatever you do, do not ask him to choose between you and his dog. You might just find yourself in the dog house.

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