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What Is The Effect Of Nootropics On Brain Health?

People are often quick to react when they hear others suggest that they should use “nootropic supplements.” They’re like “What? Do you hate me so much that you would rather see me in prison or a rehab center?” Whenever my own friends react this way, I tell them “I’ve been using these for as long as I can remember and you don’t see me losing it anytime soon, do you?”

And you can pretty much imagine the look on their faces.

Let’s face it. Smart drugs have been the subject of many controversial issues in the past. But I guess it all boils down to unfamiliarity. When people are unfamiliar about something, they tend to be overly conscious about it. Then certain cases pop up and they tend to blame the cause on that thing they’re unfamiliar about – not that I would blame them for such behaviour though. In this ever-changing world, we live in, I think it’s a good thing to remain cautious. However, we should also give ourselves the opportunity to learn about new things; give them the benefit of the doubt. Once you get to know them better, that is the moment you pass on a final judgment. Recently, the Tab has published a study related to this pill and you can read more about it here.

So for today, rather than judging nootropic supplements right away, let’s take the time to discuss what they really are – what they do to your body if there are any side effects, etc.

If you’re ready, let’s start with the most basic question:

What Are Nootropic Pills?

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Nootropic medicine is commonly termed as “smart pills.” But just in case you get the wrong idea, let me just say that taking them won’t give you an IQ of 140. Basically, they are cognitive enhancers made to improve brain function and activity. It’s not that you’re increasing your intelligence by taking them; you just increase the aptitude of brain functions that are often associated with it. Thus, this leads you to think that you have become smarter.

In fact, some things we ingest on a frequent basis are classified as nootropic drugs. Like caffeine, for example.

Yes, you may not know this but that cup of coffee you satisfyingly sip every morning is considered a Nootropic Supplement about which you can read more at NootropicsReviewNerd. After all, it does perk your brain up – which is one of the key qualities every smart drug has. The caffeine in coffee is a wakefulness stimulant. This means that it alerts parts of your brain that has a role in keeping you awake.

As a general rule, all nootropic medicine stimulates brain activity. That’s the whole point of taking them. They alert you so that you can be more productive for the day. They’re not really the “evil drug” you make them out to be.

Is Taking Nootropic Supplements Safe?

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First off, you really can’t buy smart drugs unless you have a doctor’s prescription. This means that they are closely monitored for medical use. Also, the meds we have for sale are designed to have limited doses. This is to ensure that the misuse and abuse of the product is avoided. Each capsule or tab will usually have doses of the substance in micrograms, just enough to get your brain churning.

Nootropic supplements don’t have significant side-effects – not unless you gobble up a whole magazine. If you take a little too much, you may experience dizziness and fidgeting – the kind of feeling you get when you’ve drunk several cups of coffee. You may also temporarily suffer from a bad case of insomnia since most nootropics are wakefulness promoters, according to Time.

Who Are Qualified To Take Nootropics?

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Patients who suffer from sleep-wake disorders often benefit most from taking nootropic medicine. For example, narcolepsy patients take smart drugs so that they can prolong the time they stay awake. It also helps improve their focus and concentration – which they generally lack as a result of their condition. Aside from patients with medically diagnosed disorders, everyday people may get a certain prescription for smart drugs as long as they seek professional advice.

If you think that you are someone who can benefit from this brain-boosting magic, why not visit your doctor and ask about it today?

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