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What is the best Mobile SIM Networks in the USA

When it comes to your mobile network provider, you want fast internet, excellent coverage and of course a reasonable price for all that. But America is enormous, and there is our first problem, coverage. Some networks are too pricey, and others are cheap but not very good. With 4G internet on the scene, you want your internet fast as it gets, and some mobile operators have that but it comes with a price, the others are cheaper but not so fast and have poor service, and others are somewhere in the middle. Here is a list of best cell phone carriers in the USA.

1. Verizon Wireless

Source: PCMag.com

Biggest carrier in the U.S. with the best coverage and some of the fastest internet on the market, the widest spread Verizon Wireless. It covers the whole land, from east to west coast, this cell phone carrier is most dependable, and has the highest speed average internet nationwide. However, it comes with a cost, contract service, and no refunds policy can be quite expensive if you do not have a big budget.

2. T-Mobile

Source: Slickdeals

This company was the underdog, and nowhere near the top five carriers, but with time it got up there. Every prepaid contract comes with unlimited talk, text, and internet, but everything is not so perfect. The problem with T-mobile is the coverage, if you are in a city area, you are good, but if you go on wandering off the grid, you may have a bad reception. Otherwise, this carrier is excellent, a vast number of devices to choose from, great price and good monthly plans, for a city person this is the first pick.

3. AT&T

Source: Mobile Marketing Magazine

Fast internet, great coverage of the whole country, AT&T is one of the biggest carriers. Besides phones, there are tablets, data cards, hotspots, and more. High average internet countrywide means that you are okay where ever you go. However, there is a downside, price, AT&T is one of the priciest in the U.S.

4. Sprint

Source: Slickdeals

Unlimited 4G that is what people want, and no restriction in usage of the internet. Sprint is also one of the biggest mobile operators in the country. However, you cannot have it all. Maybe it comes at the best price for the service, but mediocre reception, even if it looks like it covers the whole nation, you will have problems with dropped calls, low signal, and slow internet. It averages 4.4 Mbps and that is lower than all the ones listed before, but if you think that is no problem than go for it.

5. U.S. Cellular

Source: US Cellular

If you live in Nebraska, Iowa, North Carolina and some other countries this carrier is very familiar to you. One of the oldest cell phone networks in the U.S., but also one of the poorest if you look at the reception. You can get 3G network nationwide thanks to partnerships, but that is it if you want to travel from selected countries. Its reward program is what gets the people to join this carrier, but it is as pricey as AT&T and Verizon. So it is only suitable for a region you live in.

6. Cricket Wireless

Source: Cnet

AT&T bought Cricket Wireless, so with combined networks, it is a suitable carrier, excellent coverage, and a fast 4G internet. Unlimited talk, text and high-speed internet ranging from 4 to 6 Mbps upload and around 8 Mbps download speeds. All this seems that this is the one carrier that is the best, but being an AT&T partner means it is on the expensive side, and the customer service is not so great. Still, it offers good value, with great contract plans and that high-speed internet everyone loves and enjoys nowadays Cricket Wireless is suitable for many.

7. Metro PCS

Source: Twitter

It is a brand that is owned by T-mobile U.S., so that means it has good coverage and a fast 4G internet. On the price side, it offers unlimited calls and text for 35$, but it limits the data, and for 60$, you get high-speed data unlimited. One downside is the variety of phones you can choose with this carrier, they are mostly Android-based, but if that is not a problem that means that Metro PCS is for you with its fast internet and low price.

8. Ting

Source: Android Central

Ting is not on the high end of this list; it does not have huge network coverage, and offers poor choice when it comes to mobile devices, also limited text and talk and things are not looking good on the data side too, if you are a big data user this is not a mobile operator for you. Customer service is excellent, and if you are in the area where there is a good reception for this carrier, it is a great choice because you pay what you spend, and nothing more.

9. Consumer Cellular

Source: LPGA.com

We are on the cheap side now, but that comes with a cost too. No unlimited calls, and texts, but it is affordable. It has good and flexible contracts if you want to talk more or use more data that are the two sides to choose from, and they have different price points to them. AT&T network means you are covered true the whole country and data are fast. However, their customer service is terrible. Consumer Cellular is the right choice for AARP members and retired family.

10. Boost Mobile

Source: iMore

Boost mobile is another one on the cheaper and affordable price point, going on Sprint network you know you will have a lousy reception unless you know that you have a good one in the area you are so you can give Boost Mobile a go. When the price is low as 30$ for prepaid contract and going up you know, you can find something for everyone. Some of the drawbacks are the phone selection, only Android and IOS, and poor customer service. To sum it up Boost Mobile is not bad, especially on the price point, with good internet speeds and okay coverage.

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