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What is the best Fontina cheese substitute?

It surely happened to you that you wanted to make something for you or hen your friends are about to drop by, and you realize that you do not have the main ingredient – Fontina cheese. If this happens, do not go nuts since there are numerous other ways to find a good replacement and substitute for this one.


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Fontina cheese is not liked and adored by everyone especially for the fact that it acquires a bit of a stronger taste and smell as it ages. This special cheese is made of cow milk but it needs to be emphasized that the milk used comes only from a place called Val d’Aosta in Italy. It needs to be added that this is an aged cheese and there is also a rind that has somewhat red-brown color. We should also point out that the cheese comes in different shapes and sizes. It needs to be added that the cheese is very rich and that it also has small holes in it. It can also be used in various dishes. The Danish have tried to make their version of it, and they called it Danish Fontina.

What to prepare with it?

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There are numerous ways and dishes where you can use this cheese. It can even be uses instead of parmesan, in all kinds of dishes. It is most commonly used alongside with various dishes that include chicken and past. However, it is also very good for breakfast, i.e. it can be used in sandwiches and omelets.


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So, if you do not have this particular one, there are also a lot of other substitutes that you can use in cooking and for eating. Some of them are:

  • Gruyere – a Swiss cheese and it can be considered as the best substitute to Fontina. It needs to be added that this cheese is made of milk that is raw and unpasteurized so the texture here is very dense and the color is a bit yellow;
  • Gouda – made from cow milk, the cheese is perfect for all dishes that need a cheese that should be melted, sliced or grated;
  • Mozzarella –  this cheese is one of the most present in the cuisines around the world;
  • Taleggio – the texture and content of it are very dense and it is most commonly used for bread preparation;
  • Havarti –  this substitute is considered to be the best for making desserts;
  • Bel Paese – this is another Italian cheese and it is very good since it melts nicely and it is very soft. So, it is perfect for pizzas and desserts;
  • Appenzeller – the semi-hard variant which is perfect for any type of pasta;
  • Edam – another semi-hard cheese that is a bit yellowish, perfect in combination with meat;
  • Provolone – another Italian one and it is great for soups, dressings and pasta;
  • Emmental – this one is Swiss and is often described as nutty;
  • Parmesan –worldly known and used, very thick and perfect for any type of pasta.

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