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What Features Should the Best Golf Rangefinder Have?

Playing golf is one of the hardest sports there is. In playing this game, both beginners and professionals still struggle with finding the perfect swing to hit the ball, as this sport requires optimum accuracy. Since golf is pretty expensive to play, most golfers don’t consider adding new golf equipment into their collection. Little do they know, there are specific tools that can significantly help them achieve better gameplay, such as rangefinders.

What are rangefinders?

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A rangefinder offers good assistance when playing golf. It helps the golfer in determining various distances for aiming the ball into the hole. To have better knowledge about this device, read more from this guide. This instrument comes in three types:

  1. Laser rangefinders use light beams to measure distances from the target. Since golf is usually played in clear and sunny days, it’s not a worry for the varying speed of light in different weather conditions.
  2. GPS rangefinders measure distances with the help of satellite signals within 100 to 150 meters. An additional feature of this rangefinder is comparing distances between your preloaded objects and your target.
  3. Optical rangefinders offer a personal connection between the golfer itself, by peeking through the lenses that zoom in at the aim. This instrument is perfect for golfers who want to learn how rangefinders really work.

Now that you know the different forms of golf rangefinders, it’s time to choose the perfect one for you. Golfers usually skimp on rangefinders to save money, but what they’re missing out is the huge opportunity to score better. Either as a novice or expert in golf, this device is essential for your gameplay and you’ll have to choose the right features carefully.

To guide you through the different features of the best golf rangefinder, check out these items:

Fair Range and Distance

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For a solo sport, there are different essentials that golf beginners should have, such as basic equipment and apparel. While digging deeper into this sport, the most basic feature that you should look for in a rangefinder, as the word itself suggests, is the maximum range and distance that it can cover. You have to make sure that your rangefinder can fulfill your needs. Typically, rangefinders can measure a minimum of 400 yards to a maximum of 900 yards.

Among the three types of rangefinders, laser rangefinders are the priority ones. The priority mode activates during good and clear weather. It reads the object closest within the target range, zooming in closely, getting past other objects nearby. On the other hand, the laser rangefinder will focus on the farthest object it can locate and bypass the object closest to the range, during the second priority mode.

Moreover, a rangefinder’s distance can assist you in focusing on your target. By knowing the distance between you and your target, you can predict the perfect swing to reach your aim. Weather conditions can highly affect this strategy, as shorter and less accurate distances, are more prominent during rains, strong winds, and heatwave.

Adaptive Slope Technology

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Playing in a flat and straight golf yard plus using a rangefinder is a good combination. Problem is, what if your flag from your position is elevated or vice versa? This is where built-in slope technology in rangefinders come into play.

For instance, you’re standing 100 yards from the flag and you will use different rangefinders. These rangefinders will show you the same distances which are 100 yards. However, the data will become inaccurate if the area of your flag is elevated from your position. Rangefinders with adaptive slope technology can measure the exact yardage of your target. It can read both uphill and downhill altitudes and also balance the atmospheric context.

Pin Seeker Jolt Technology

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Aside from the adaptive slope technology, the pin seeker technology is also a game-changer. This feature can help you in locking in at your target to provide strong accuracy and flight consistency. Some rangefinders with this feature are also accompanied by a pulse vibration technology, which notifies the user if the target is locked in with a slight vibration.

This feature is extremely beneficial for targets with nearby distractions, especially trees. In this way, the golfer will know if they successfully locked in the target or it’s just the tree branches they’re pointing at, after seeing the distance of the target.

Affordable Price

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Lastly, you should choose the best rangefinder that is pocket-friendly, yet still offers you the other features mentioned above. Don’t be regretful of buying a rangefinder just because you want to save more money. After all, a golf rangefinder is a good investment in helping you improve your gameplay. You can check out plenty of options in the market with affordable prices yet allows for great performance.

The Bottom Line

With the help of today’s technological advancements, golf is becoming less expensive and environment-friendly. Unlike before, a lot of potential players are less intimidated by the sport’s luxurious image. More and more players will pave their way through gameplay improvement, and they will definitely seek golf gears and upgrades, especially a golf rangefinder to craft their games beautifully. In finding the best rangefinder, choose the one with the best features at a price you can afford.

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