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What every mom needs to have before the baby arrives

If you are going to be a first-time mom, your list of baby necessities is probably out of control. Like most moms, you have probably thought that you will need to have everything if you want to do the whole parenting thing right, however, you will probably discover that there is no such thing as doing it right. For example, you will discover that a top-tail-wash bowl is a waste of money, and a lot of the things on the list are sponsored by companies who want to sell more products. As weeks go by, you will probably figure out what things you did not need from the list. However, to prevent you from spending money on unnecessary things, here is a list of items that you should definitely get before your baby arrives home:

1. Diapers

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Whether you are planning on using diapers or cloth, you will want to make sure to have a lot of diapers. Running out of diapers at 5 am or when you are on a trip can be a true nightmare. Also, it is good to buy diapers in different sizes, since diapers that are too small will not do the trick.

2. Onesies with mittens

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Buying tiny mittens for your baby’s small hands will look super cute, however, they tend to fall off while the baby is sleeping or they easily get eaten up by your washing machine. Hence, you should buy a onesie that is combined with mittens. These onesies are probably the only thing you will want your little one to wear for the first few weeks at home. The mittens will stop the infant from scratching their cheeks with their miniature, but super sharp nails.

3. A swaddle blanket, or two

Source: The Bump

Most babies find swaddling really comfortable since it mimics the squeeze of the mother’s womb. There is a wide range of swaddling blankets to choose from. The best ones that you could get should be large and stretchy. It is good to have several swaddle blankets since you will not want to stay without one during laundry days.

4. A portable changing pad

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If you are planning on leaving your home with your kid, a changing pad becomes an essential item. Most public bathrooms do not have changing stations and if some of them do, not all of them will be as clean as you will want it to be. Sometimes, you might want to change the baby’s diaper in the back of your car instead of a public bathroom. Hence, a portable changing pad with compartments for diapers, wipes, and creams is perfect for changing your baby when you are not home.

5. Burp Cloths

Source: Bebe au Lait

According to kjdoo.com, whether you choose to breastfeed your toddler or feed it from the bottle, one thing is obvious, it is likely that some of it will come back up. In order to keep your clothes clean, stock up on burp cloths that will save you from changing your clothes every few hours.

6. A night light

Source: Little Martin’s Drawer

It is completely normal for your newborn to wake up throughout the night and for as long that is happening, a night light is necessary. They can help soothe the baby and ease bedtime fussiness, as well as minimize the disruption to other people in your home when your little one starts crying at 4 am. Like most baby products, night lights come in various sizes and shapes, some might even feature the temperature in the room, create light shows on the ceiling, and play lullabies for your child.


These six baby items will help you adjust to the first few weeks of being home with your baby. It will make the whole transition easier for both you and your newborn baby.

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