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What Does Middleton Think About the New Status of Meghan Markle?

After the royal wedding of 2011, Kate Middleton became a new world star, even attributed her new status to Princess Diana. From the very beginning, it started to fit perfectly in the royal family, as if it would remain forever in the center of attention.

But now, her light is still bright, but it is not currently in focus as initially, with the appearance of a Meghan Markle.

Although the popularity of the royal family is not the first place, Meghan has brought great fame to its new family, probably more significant than Kate. All this because of its Hollywood background. The question remains, how does Kate feel when she fell into the shadow of a new star from the royal family.

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How many fans love Kate?

Despite Meghan and Harry wedding, people never stopped focusing on Kate. She was always a favorite Duchess. She is known as a very beloved mother, who is very close to her children. Although Meghan arrived in the royal family, nobody claimed that Kate was neglected.

Does Meghan have advantages over Kate?

When considering that Meghan was a well-known actress before her marriage with Harry and coming from the world of famous people, it is clear that she already has an army of worshipers behind her. This can be one of the reasons why Meghan can be in the center of attention more than Kate.

Source: Washington Post

Does Kate have reason to be jealous of Meghan?

Although she did not give any statements about the status of Meghan before marriage, we can only guess whether she is bothered or not. Kate and Meghan certainly do not compete with each other, both of them are undoubtedly aware of the quality, and people around the world adore and respect them both.

Is Kate a jealous person?

For Kate and her life, the most important thing is to continue to execute her royal duties in the best way as she has done so far, so it is tough to imagine that she is a jealous person. Precisely because of her position it is tough to believe that she wants to compete with someone, especially with Meghan.

Over the years, Kate and Meghan have become real friends, and surely this relationship will be even stronger because of the birth of Baby Sussex.

Source: Elle

Surely Harry is much happier when Meghan entered his life, and Kate knows that as well, and she is pleased for both of them. As time goes by, Kate and Megan will surely build a better relationship, and they will become closer and able to support each other.

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