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What does Angelina Jolie think of the way Shiloh is dressed?

The situation around Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is currently very interesting for all media, and indeed, very often there is new information about these famous former spouses. One of the recent information is that the clothing way of Jolie and Pitt’s daughter Shiloh causes disagreements between parents.

Shiloh is the oldest biological daughter of famous Hollywood actors and currently is 12 years old. Her style of dressing is, according to some media, only one of the problems her parents have, among others in the past several years due to divorce and the custody battle that is still ongoing. However, according to some statements by a popular actress, she is fine with all her daughter decisions, even with this one to dress like a boy.

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In one of her statements to Vanity Fair, in the year of 2010, Jolie said:

“Shiloh, we feel has Montenegro style. It’s how people dress there. She likes tracksuits; she likes [regular] suits. So, it’s a suit with a tie and jacket and slacks, or a tracksuit. She likes to dress like a boy. She wants to be a boy. So, we had to cut her hair. She likes to wear boys’ everything. She thinks she’s one of the brothers.”

Although she said this nine years ago, the situation has not changed. Shiloh still loves to wear clothes for boys, and her mother has no problems with her fashion style. She was wearing sweatpants and baggy hoodies, as well as a black suit, when she was seen in public several times during past months. For example, she dressed like that when she was together with Angelina Jolie and other siblings at the premiere of “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” movie in New York.

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Another proof that Jolie is supporting her children in all their decisions is her statement for “Today” show on BBC Radio 4.

“[My kids] all have a good rebellious streak that is wonderful and curious. I don’t want them to be perfectly behaved little people that just say what’s appropriate because I say so … they have to find themselves.”

But what about her ex-husband, Brad Pitt? He talked about his eldest daughter while touring Oprah Winfrey, in the year of 2011. He then said his daughter wanted everyone to call her John:

“She only wants to be called John. John or Peter. So, it’s a Peter Pan thing. So, we’ve got to call her John.

Source: The Cheat Sheet

“‘Shi, do you want…’ ‘John. I’m John.’ And then I’ll say, ‘John, would you like some orange juice?’ And she goes, ‘No!’ So, you know, it’s just that kind of stuff that’s cute to parents, and it’s probably really obnoxious to other people.”

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