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What does a modern farmhouse design look like?

There is a reason why everyone is obsessing over a farmhouse style. It is simple and unique, making everyone feel at home. However, some people assume this aesthetic can feel a little outdated.

We don’t think so. Below you can see our guide to modern farmhouse design. Read over these tips and use them to improve your own interior! You’ll be able to achieve a balance between modern and classic comfort.

Practicality is the most important

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It isn’t surprising that practicality is the first step in creating a perfect farmhouse. You should always think about functionality over everything.

Planning is key. It’s essential to consider your available space. Take a look at the lighting, furniture arrangement, and other details, such as the flow of the room.

Choose neutral colors

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A color palette is crucial in making a look work. Nowadays, a neutral color palette is an important part of modern design. Space looks fresh, clean and totally current.

Also, keep the 60-30-10 rule in mind. White is a good choice for a dominant shade, while the other two colors could be gray and brown. The accent shade should be the boldest one.

The choice of the finishes is also important in farmhouse design. Pick colors that have a bit of a vintage or antique feel. It will make a classic farmhouse look unique.

Mix the furniture

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Traditionally, farmhouse designs usually rely on simple wooden furniture. You should include that, and pick pieces with clean and simple lines.

To make it more modern, infuse another layer of comfort. Include natural materials, such as plush couches, comfy accent chairs, and cushioned bar stools. Throw some pillows and blankets as well.

Include industrial accents

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At last, decorative elements should be added. Consider industrial-inspired pieces. They are currently quite popular and they are also commonly based on the machinery used for farming. Good examples are wooden mantles, hanging barn doors, and metal storage buckets. Choose designs that serve a purpose as well!

A farmhouse design shouldn’t be associated with a grandma’s house. A modern farmhouse should be your inspiration. This advice could help you create a warm, welcoming and current space.

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