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What developers need to do to protect their apps

Have you got a great idea for an app that you believe it will become an absolute hit? Maybe you are just tossing around ideas for the new app, or maybe you have already started working on it. Either way, probably one of your biggest concerns is security. Keep reading this text to learn what you must do in order to protect your original idea.

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Let’s start with something simple. If you are a developer and are constantly surrounded by other professionals, you should be careful who you confine your idea to. We don’t suggest you should become paranoid, just don’t share it with a large group of colleagues and people in general. It’s best to start with a friend who isn’t in that line of business. Present him your design, and ask for feedback. Later, share it with a co-worker, someone you trust and who can help you further develop it. This way you are reducing the possibility of someone stealing the concept and presenting it as his own.

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Furthermore, once you have started developing the app, you will need some outside help. Again, there is not much you can do to tag the design as your property and protect it, so you should always sign a non-disclosure agreement. NDA will guarantee that all information shared is classified between two parties, meaning no one else will hear them. However, NDA cannot guarantee that your design is 100% safe, so you must pick your associates carefully. Read their resumes cautiously, read reviews of their work and contact their former and present clients to learn to what extent they were satisfied with their service. It is of utmost importance that you feel confident when sharing every small detail.  The key to every successful partnership, especially when it comes to creating and developing something new is trust.

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We have told you some main points regarding your partners, but now let’s talk about protecting your design from hackers. API breaches are the biggest threat for your app, and you need to prevent them. While developing all the features or the app, you have to simultaneously build a security system. However, it is hard to predict every attack. Because of that, you can turn to a number of API security companies such as Salt Security that will ensure you are always one step ahead of the hackers. The software will not only monitor all your APIs but it will also help you eliminate vulnerable spots and protect sensitive data.

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If you are still working on your design, there is another thing you can do to protect it. Since an idea cannot be patented you should trademark your name and brand. This way your logo and other symbols will be associated with your design once it is published. Once the app is fully designed, you should copyright it and prevent others from using the same code and UI elements.

All in all, as you can see there are many proper precautions you can take to protect your idea and to avoid possible hacker attacks.

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