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What are the best wooden walls?

Wooden walls have become some kind of a trend in the interior design and for a reason. First of all, they can be used in any part of the household and, secondly, it always gives some kind of warmth and coziness to the overall home. There are various wooden walls you can choose from, and each one of it has its own place and function in the interior design.

White walls

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First of all, you can have white walls in your home, but imagine how cozier and warmer your home would be if you use some wooden planks and place them horizontally on the walls. The home would immediately have a new look that would be more natural, and it would seem that there is much more comfort then. Not just the walls, you can use these horizontal wooden planks for the ceiling as well, and create the same warm effect.

White furniture

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It needs to be added that wooden walls can be considered the perfect combination with the furniture that is white. In this sway, you would have a neat and very modern interior design.


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Wooden boards can be used in various positions and places. They are good if you want to emphasize the lines that are either vertical or horizontal.

Natural wood

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You can also use some natural wood or logs into the design of your home. It should be noted though that they are mostly used as the interior walls between the various rooms in the house.


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You can use them in dozens of ways, and they can be also used to provide a fresh and modern look, as well. If you have a very posh interior design, planks can make it more natural and cozier. It will feel warmer if planks are included.

Focal walls

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They are mostly used in bathrooms and they can be the perfect solution all until they are nicely incorporated into the entire design.

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