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What are the best olive oil sprayers in 2019

If you are using olive oil when you are cooking, and you should, it is good to know why is it so popular, what are its benefits and how to use it. You may pour it straight out of the bottle, but maybe it is time to think about an oil sprayer, to make your cooking easier and more enjoyable.

Why is olive oil good?

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First of all, some studies show olive oil is useful in preventing breast cancer, and it is an antioxidant, rich in polyphenols, anti-inflammatory and it has anticoagulant properties, it helps if you have high cholesterol, takes care of your liver, if you have arthritis, it is suitable for that too. And it even keeps your brain healthy, protecting brain cells, and if you have a tendency towards Alzheimer’s use olive oil.

How much olive oil to use?

If you are pouring from the bottle there is a problem of over pouring, even if you put it in a spoon, there is a chance that you might spill, and if you know one tablespoon has 120 calories, and oil is rich with monounsaturated fat, your healthy lunch is turning into an oily disaster. However, if you use a spray, you will spread it evenly across the whole pan, and you won’t use too much.

What to look for buying an olive sprayer?

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  1. If you are using something every day, it should be at least pleasant to look at, and if it is going in front of the guests, it should combine well with the rest of your kitchenware.
  2. Durability is also essential, and if you use metallic containers it is obvious they are more sturdy, but thick glass ones are also pretty good and very strong, there are also plastic ones, but they are not so attractive.
  3. Cleaning, you have to keep it clean, it is oil, and it will get on the bottle at some point, so chose a sprayer that you think can be cleaned easily and don’t forget to clean the mechanism also.
  4. Equally important is how it dispense oil, so chose one which mechanism is not made for water but oil. You don’t want a mist of oil, but a steady stream with a little dispersion.
  5. How big is a container is also very important, you don’t need a huge one because it will sit on the table and it is not used very often, but find the one that is somewhere in the middle, not too big, not too small.
  6. If it feels good in the hand that is the right one, with a handle, you can reach, not slippery, ergonomic design, and it looks nice then go for that one.

What are the best olive oil sprayers this year so far?

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1. The Fine Life ideal olive oil sprayer mister

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This is a great product, and an excellent oil sprayer that will spray constant mist without blobs of oil, the bottle is see-through, so you will always know when it is time for a refill. It is easy to take apart for cleaning, it is not leaking, and the pump is perfect. It is a little bigger package, and the container is made from plastic if you are going for that clean look maybe that could put you off. All in all, a great product.

2. Evo oil sprayer bottle

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This oil sprayer is an excellent alternative to previous one, it has a pretty large volume of 18-oz but with an ergonomic design that is not too big in hand, and you won’t have to refill any time soon. The mechanism works excellent, the pump is, and the spray is constant, but being so powerful can sometimes overspray smaller dishes, and the cleaning is easy. It comes in metal, glass and plastic containers, but resembles a household cleaning product, and the tube is so far at the one end of the bottle when you tilt the sprayer it may not work.

3. Misto brushed aluminum olive oil sprayer

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First of all, this one is from aluminum, and metal containers are probably the best when it comes to sturdiness at least. Light and sturdy, and fits very well with the kitchen. It looks very lovely and has a sleek design, all that with an excellent sprayer mechanism overall a good package. There are drawbacks, the unit can’t be filled to the top and being a big one that is just waste of space, and you have to pump several times before anything comes out, also when it comes to cleaning taking it apart is a drag.

4. Mister Spray Bottles – Olive Oil Sprayer and Stainless Steel Vinegar Sprayer

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Great design with this one, stainless steel slim and sleek bottle, and it comes with a pair, two bottles, one for oil and the other for vinegar. The package comes with a funnel for easier refilling. The spray pump is very good, as for oil as for vinegar, but this is one of those bottles where you have to leave space for it to function correctly, that means only 2.7 oz only, and when you can’t see how much of it is left that can be a pain in the back. However, you don’t have to use them for intensive cooking but table use only.

5. Aerickon olive oil sprayer dispenser

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Glass body so you can see how much oil is left, stainless steel cap for durability a great match indeed. The pump is excellent, great for long term use, and very sturdy. You can fill her up and use the whole bottle, and it comes with two brushes that you can use when cooking. Easy to clean, but being made from glass means it is not so resilient.

Overall there is always something for someone, maybe you like glass over steel or prefer plastic, the function is a priority, and the good looks is desirable, find the one that fits well in your home, fits right in the hand, and it doesn’t burn a big hole in the pocket.

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