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What Are the Best Apps to Download Movies for Free

Who doesn’t like to watch movies, and no one can argue when something is for free. If you combine those two things, movies you can watch or download on your phone for free, via an app, that is a no-brainer. But there is a catch. Android is an open source platform, and you can make apps for it, but when something doesn’t agree with the copyrights policy you won’t be able to get that app of the official Google Play store, however, there are some ways to get these awesome apps to your device. Be wear that some of these apps are not so friendly and will ask for permission to access data in your phone, or some folders they need no place to be, and that is potentially dangerous, and they can inject malware or invade your privacy.

1. Show box

Source: DigitBin

No ads, no account, no need to pay for watching movies. This app is most talked about and most popular, it has a vast variety of movies and TV shows to chose from, it is user-friendly and all for free. If you don’t have money to pay some big names like Netflix for a monthly subscription, then download Show box.

2. Popcorn Time

Source: Showbox APK Download

Also one of the most popular apps out there for streaming and downloading movies for free, it has a great interface, subtitles, and a huge collection of movies and TV shows to chose from, and with no ads to interrupt your viewing time, and no need to create an account, it is a great app.

3. Terrarium TV

Source: VPNRanks.com

Today everything is all about 4K, and this downloader has a large collection of movies all in 4K. It is a top-rated app for streaming and for downloading movies, with clean UI, and a variety of resolutions to chose when downloading either on external or internal storage, all with multi-language subtitles.

4. Movie HD

Source: showboxdld.com

Another great streaming and downloading free movies app, filled with all the new and great headlines, from TV shows to the latest additions in the movie world. You can browse through genres, year, or rating of the movie. If you don’t want to watch now, you can download the movie, all without ads, and of course no need to pay. It is a free app to download, with a good UI and a parental control so your little ones can’t watch inappropriate content.

5. VidMate

Source: Fame Africa TV

If you don’t like Hollywood production, this app offers you Bollywood, Tollywood, and Dubbed movies, and you can stream or download them. A great user interface, this app allows you to download for YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Vine, and others. Also, it supports multiple downloads.

6. OG YouTube

Source: addictivetips.com

YouTube has become a center of video universe, there are movies and TV shows that you can watch, but if you want to have it on your device, you have to have an app for it. That is where OG YouTube comes into play. You can use it as a regular YouTube, and synchronize it with your account, and use it to download videos, you can play YouTube in the background, and no ads.

7. Kodi

Source: newstricky.com

This app is not for streaming movies; however, it can store all your apps for that in one place as an add-on. Besides, from there you can download anything you like in just one place.

8. Megabox HD

Source: TechnoCodex

With no ads to bother you when watching movies, this app is one more in a line of great ones. Another great UI and very easy to navigate true and find what you want. Great quality movies, with subtitles, downloadable, no ads, and all for free. You can download APK file for your Android, and if you are lucky, you may stumble upon this app in Play Store.

9. Cinemabox HD

Source: BestDroidplayer

This app should be clean of malware, and safe to use, great for watching TV and movies. Bugs free with HD movies, subtitles, Parental control, and many more features for a greater experience.

10. JioCinema

Source: Fire Stick Tricks

Has a vast collection of Bollywood and Hollywood movies to watch on your Android phone, also, there are many TV shows, and it is one of the most downloadable apps for streaming and downloading.

11. Bobby movie box

Source: Malavida

A very popular app for Android, as other apps on this list it offers you to download or stream movies on your mobile phone. Great quality of files, big selection to chose from, no ads, subtitles, just a great app.

12. BeeMovie

Source: Raw APK

Great app with all the features as the rest, high score of 9/10 stars in some sites where you can download its APK file, and many positive reviews. All the latest headlines are in this app too, and many others, with a download option as well. This app is also great for it consumes less power of the CPU on your phone.

13. UKMovNow

Source: ModApkz

The free app, free movies, great content, and good and clean UI. When you want to be entertained; this is the app to go to, with all the new headlines, browse through the filters until you find the perfect movie.

14. Hubi

Source: YouTube

Streaming and downloading movies app, from more than 35 services. It simple and effective when it comes to watching movies on your phone.

15. Onebox HD

Source: Makey Updates

Another app very much like others on our list, great for streaming and downloading movies, also free. No need to subscribe, or create an account, it comes for free and with a big library of films to chose from. Updated regular with tones of great features.

16. Snagfilms

Source: dzapk

With a library of 5000 plus movies and TV shows, this is a great app. Movies from all over, America, China, Spain, Korea, from thrillers to comedies, any genre any language, this is a great app for a movie lover.

17. Viewster

Source: Twitter

Android app for watching movies, great for streaming Anime and TV shows. Not for a big screen because of a poorer quality of the image, but with a good interface, free with Parental control.

18. Voot

Source: AppRecs

This app is just for the Indian market, and if you want to access outside of India, you will need a VPN. Great for streaming movies and TV shows from Viacom, this app is good for Android as well as for iOS and Fire TV. This app has content form Colors TV, MTV, Nick India, Cineplex so there is a great number of TV channels from which to choose.

19. Popcornflix

Source: cotomovies.net

Great app for watching movies, 2000, and more to choose from, all genres, no need for an account and all without paying a dime. It has a section just for kids, original shows they make, option for downloading. Screen Media Films own this app, that means new movies are always here first.

20. Tea TV

Source: bobbymoviebox.net

Supports 1080p, it is a simple and user-friendly, stream, watch download movies from this app. All in all, a great package and alternative if some of the apps above don’t work properly. It is for free, and you can download movies to watch from your phone.

21. Freeflix HQ

Source: Techy Bugz

If you are an Anime fan, this is a great app, a real gem in the world of movie streaming and downloading apps. There are even live TV channels, over 5000 Anime shows, and movies. Overall a great app. and with a built-in player and clean UI, it is very user-friendly.

22. VideoMix

Source: raesl.com

This one is little different, in a search bar you look for what movie you want to watch, and when it finds a link, you copy it and past it in a player, wait for a second and it will start playing. Nevertheless, it is a great app for streaming and downloading movies, it is updated, and if you don’t mind bad interface give it a go.

23. Zee5

Source: CyberFlix TV

This one has ads, and that is what keeps her ruing, it is very popular in India. It hosts all the Zee entertainment programming and movies from India and Hollywood. It is for the Indian market and if you want in you will need a VPN.

24. Dailymotion

Source: Morpheus TV

Similar to YouTube, but still a bit small and not so popular, with ads and free shows it is not so bad. It has some classic movies and independent productions, but also some premium ones. If it is not on YouTube, it is probably here. It is simple to use, has a great player, subtitles, and quality control options.

25. Cyberflix

Source: Fire Stick Tricks

It is almost identical to Show box, however without as big of a library. It has HD and SD support, it is simple and easy to use, and you can use whatever player you like, not the one that comes with the app. It can be unstable, and it is not so safe, so be careful when trying this one.

26. Vimeo

Source: China Grabber

Like YouTube and Dailymotion, this app is great for streaming. Simple and easy, with lots of independent movies great quality video, that with Chromcast you can watch on a bigger screen. It is free and adds free.

27. Viki

Source: Tech iOS World

If you are into Japanese and Korean movies, this is a great app for you. It is free, and it hosts a vast number of foreign languages content that you can watch, with subtitles. It is the most popular app in the US. Although it is free, it has ads, but if you want premium content, you will have to pay up.

28. Bigstar Movies & TV

Source: Quora

Simple to use with a big number of award-winning independent movies, documentaries, festival winners, sorties and more, but with no Hollywood mainstream movies. You can watch on multiple devices, and for free.

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