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What Are the Alternatives to Backpages?

Backpages were very popular once and they were platforms where people would meet for casual dating. But the US Justice Department shut down Backpage after allegations of human trafficking in 2018. However, Backpages did offer some level of service to people, and that called for Backpage alternatives to step up onto the scene. The Backpage alternatives followed the same structure as Backpage, but they were clear on the purpose of the website, that being acquiring and selling services.

New Backpage alternatives started emerging on the internet and their purpose was for online dating and hookups. Their design was similar to Backpage and to the widely popular, and similar, Craigslist service. Backpage replacement sites also have designated advertisement space that can be bought by companies or individuals to advertise their service, product, or company.

These websites are predicted to be huge in the coming years and are even doing well at the current time of writing.

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Probably the biggest feature of Backpage alternatives is the ad space. These websites will not allow for the placement of ads without the approval of the website, a strategy that has previously been the catalyst for disaster on most websites with ad space.

The interface of these websites allows for creating ads within minutes, but the ads must be sensible and not breach any terms of service or legal terms.

However, offering ads space is not what these websites are designed for. The use of websites similar to Backpage is to connect like-minded people. And if you are interested in connecting with like-minded people, click here.

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But we mentioned how the end of Backpage was due to suspicious activities, and the only activity allowed on Backpage replacement sites is casual dating.

Casual dating was also the main focus on Craigslist Personals, but it was also shut down by the US Justice Department for allegations of illegal trafficking.

People would use services like Craigslist Personals and Backpage for illegal activities, which were ultimately left unchecked by the website owners.

Nowadays, these activities are strictly prohibited and monitored on websites similar to Backpage and Craigslist Personals. The need for online casual dating is taken well out of hand by people who are doing suspicious activities, and that ultimately reflects poorly on alternative websites.

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The major source of revenue for these websites is casual and adult dating and the main niche for ads space. These websites have a clear vision of what they are, a safe space for adults looking for hookups and casual dating. They offer people from the entire country a platform where they can express their needs and wishes, and people who are willing to connect with them. A lot of data goes into these websites, and Backpage alternatives must protect user data against cybercriminals.

Ad space is also made simple on these websites. While ads can be placed from all over the world, they need to pass strict checks before they appear at the designated, bought, ad space. Backpage alternatives understand the very reason why Backpage and Craigslist Personals got shut down, and it was because of unmonitored user activity and unchecked ads.

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