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What Are Abayas And Why Don’t You Have It Already?

Are you planning to wear an abaya? Or haven’t you learned yet that diversity of abayas have come up in the market that meets your daily requirements as well as glam up your party wear look? If yes, time to look up the options the fashion provides while in meeting your religious obligation norms.

Today’s Muslim apparel has absorbed all the varieties of abaya and Muslim cloaks that exist in the world. Meaning we can glam up any semblance that belongs to a particular region of the world. Ranging from Iranian jilbabs and Afghanistani burqas to any Arab look, abaya can be purchased online and in store. Besides the improvisation of the established patterns, new categories of Muslim wear have flooded the Muslim fashion world as working women tend to feel more and more comfortable wearing them outside.

With the advent of social media platforms regular shops that form the fashion hub of a part of the world, serving its needs while representing the regional wear apparel there, is able to have an international market and therefore that product is able to reach its customers the result being we can nowadays buy abaya online or other exotic, non native Muslim wear without any hassle-an important effect of the globalization of markets.

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The diversity in these cloaks not only applies to its basic form but its availability in different colors and the room for enhancement has uplifted its market. With the strengthened wave of Islam that we got influenced with lately, more and more Muslims opt for this apparel because they want to mend their ties with Almighty. A few Muslim clothes are displayed below:

  1. Jilbabs: It refers to the long loose upper cloak worn by women in some parts around the world. It is sometimes worn alongside gloves and niqab and sometimes eyepiece aa protection against its tropical wear.
  2. Kãftans: It has two categories-one for the men wherein it is like a long overcoat type clothing often accompanied by a sash. In case of women, it is like an overdress with long sleeves that reached up to one’s feet. Often symbolized as a mark of royalty in some cultures.
  3. Djellabaa: It is like a long loose fitting robe that reaches up to one’s feet, worn in the region of Morocco as party wear. Some fimes wore with a fez and other times with a hood.
  4. Chadors: An Iranian women wear that comprises of a cloak worn overhead that wraps women and is held closed on the front or tucked under one’s arms.

And so on…

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Besides some abaya stores classify Muslim cloaks on the basis of the events they can be worn to e.g. casual wear, sports, party wear, maternity wear, travel wear abayas, etc. You can specifically buy abaya of these groupings from Almodest Abaya.

It takes quality to wear an abaya with everything alongside that will state our bet in shielding our modesty but hey, in the end, it’s all worth it.

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