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Was Princess Diana Planning to Leave London Before Her Accident?

A new member of the royal family was born a couple of weeks ago, and though this is a happy event, a reason for celebration, it was somewhat bittersweet at the same time. Namely, many immediately thought of Princess Diana and how it was sad that she wasn’t there to meet her grandchild. What’s even more sad about this is that Princess Diana could have avoided the accident if she had followed her plans to leave London earlier before the tragic event.

Let’s refresh for a second and remember that Princess Diana wasn’t happy in London to start with, nor she was satisfied with her marriage. From the very first day of her marriage with Prince Charles, she was suspicious of Camilla Parker Bowles, and, unfortunately, her suspicions turned out to be true. On top of that, she was constantly wondering whether Prince Charles loved her at all, and she mostly felt like she was only there to provide an heir to the crown. The palace controlled everything she did, and the media followed her every step, so it’s no wonder Princess Diana was overwhelmed and wanted to get away from everything.

Source: Time Magazine

Diana’s Butler, Paul Burrell, said that she wanted to leave London and move to California. “Quite possibly she’d be living in America. There were actually plans to move here. She was going to live on the West Coast, in Malibu,” he said. However, we can’t help but wonder whether this claim is true, given that, somehow, Burrell was the only one who knew about these plans. Plus, Princess Diana wouldn’t really get the peace and quiet and the escape from paparazzi in Malibu, so why choose that city?

Even though Burrell was the only one who mentioned Diana’s plans to go to the US, her brother Charles Spencer also mentioned that she wanted to leave Britain. So, whether her destination was California or some other place, it is highly likely that Princess Diana did want to go as far away as possible.

Source: History.com

Even if she had managed to escape before the tragic accident, it’s hard to say whether she would still be with us today. After all, the accident happened in Paris, not London. And if any of the conspiracy theories are true and someone wanted to harm her, would have her leaving London stopped them from doing so? Again, it’s hard to say. It’s sad that her children had to grow up without their mother, but now it only remains to be hopeful for the new generations and wish that no such tragic events happen ever again.

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