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Was Princess Diana Actually Scared of Prince Charles Hurting Her?

Princess Diana is still loved by the fans and deeply missed, even more than two decades after her tragic death. Diana was extremely compassionate and keen on giving help to others who need it, in addition to being a good mother to Prince William and Prince Harry.

Princess Diana did a lot of charitable work and was one of the most loved members of the royal family. A considerable number of fans were devastated when they found out the news about her death.

Diana and Charles’s marriage

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Diana Spencer married a prince when she was only 20 years old, but her life was nothing like a fairytale. Princess Diana met Prince Charles four years before they got married, during the time that he was allegedly in a romantic relationship with her sister. Diana and Charles were engaged after only a few dates. Their wedding happened on July 21, 1981.

Prince Charles’s affair


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Prince Charles was reported to have been involved with Camilla Parker-Bowles, who he ended up marrying in 2005, many years after Diana had passed away. Not only did Diana know about Charles being unfaithful, so did the rest of the world.

Prince Charles has never seemed like a caring and loving husband. When Diana and Charles were photographed together, they never looked happy in their marriage. The royal family was unhappy with Charles having an affair, and after many years, the divorce was inevitable.

Princess Diana’s worry

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It became widely known that the marriage between Diana and Charles was an unhappy one. In one of the interviews, it seemed as though Charles was only getting married because it was expected of him, because he was a prince, and not because he genuinely wanted to. However, his wife, Diana, was worried about her safety. After a long time in a relationship with Charles, Diana wrote a letter for her butler in which she explained how she was worried that her husband is planning an “accident” which would result in her being severely physically hurt. Although her car accident happened shortly after, Charles was never confirmed to have been involved in it.

Fans will never forget her

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Even though more than two decades have passed after Princess Diana’s death, she will definitely never be forgotten. Diana’s fans from all over the world keep mentioning her empathy and caring nature even after all those years. In honor of the Princess, her son William gave his daughter Charlotte middle name Diana. Some fans speculated that Harry and Meghan would name their son Spencer, giving him Diana’s last name as his first.

Her sons William and Harry are still honoring Diana’s legacy by doing their royal duties as well as charitable work. We are assured that Princess Diana will not be forgotten even after a lot more time has passed.

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