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Want To Install Your Own Home Security System? Here are Some Options

How big is the place? Is it your own house or renting? Are you staying for good or moving out soon? These are the few things that you need to think of before installing a home security system. More importantly, knowing the different types of alarm system is a must. Take a look at the following.

Wired Home Alarm System

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This system is the most typical burglar alarm. It utilizes a low-voltage electrical circuit that runs between two points in every part of the windows, doorways, and other entry points inside a house. When these entrances are shut, the current could flow smoothly. Otherwise, the alarm will be triggered and would make a small beep.

Wired Home Alarm System tends to be more reliable since it does not rely on any sensors that are transmitted through radio frequency. It is easy to maintain as well since there is no need to change batteries regularly.

Compared to wireless systems, it could handle more sensors, so it is ideal for bigger space. It could be used in many infrastructures on one property, provide multiple rooms with control panels, and high-definition video surveillance using top-of-the-line units.

The most important advantage of a wired system is that it is harder to be hacked. To hack it, someone should physically access the system.  Its reliability and consistency are the reasons why it is favored more by many professionals and preferred by many corporations.

On the one hand, most of the time, the cheapest would have lesser quality. Most of the time, children would make fun of it. Also, other external electrical currents could affect this electric system, such as lightning, will cause it not to work well.

Wireless Home Alarm System

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Opposite to wired home alarm systems are security systems without wires or typically called wireless. Wireless Home Alarm System employs radio frequency transmitters connected to a series of sensors in a control panel.

If an intruder provokes the system, the control panel will receive a signal, and the alarm will be activated. It has many advantages compared to wired alarms. This device can be purchased at any local hardware store and could be easily installed. You can even do it by yourself.

There are no monitoring fees, too. You could also select any settings, such as motion detectors, beams, cameras or sensors, you like. You need to spend a bit more when replacing batteries, and the distance between cameras and sensors have limits, though.

Unmonitored Home Alarm System

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This type sets off audible or visual alarms both inside and outside of your house whenever the system is tripped. It relies on people near your home like your neighbors to notify authorities of an emergency, especially when you are not home.

An unmonitored home alarm system is affordable because it does not ask you to pay for monitoring fees. Not only a loud siren loud enough to drive burglars away, but it could also installed with bright and flashing lights so other people would have an idea where an alarm is being sounded.

As it primarily relies on people around your home, this alarm, however, could not secure your house if you are frequently away. Being not a proactive person may be a problem, too. In this case, the friendlier you will be, the safer your house will be.

Monitored Home Alarm System

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If you are a reserved individual who does not want to befriend any neighbors because privacy is a big deal for you, you could try monitored home alarm system for safety. You could find comfort on this system as a trusted professional would do the monitoring for you.

A monitored home alarm system alerts a monitoring center, usually the call center department, every time your alarm is triggered. The agent in the call center will then contact law enforcement officers.

One disadvantage of this system is even though responsible people are already notified, intruders would have time to do his or her things, either run away or continue to intruding, before the authorities arrive.

Another downfall is that this kind of alarm goes through an outdoor phone line. The chances are, if intruders know how to do so, they may locate those lines and cut them off before breaking in your house.

As a result, nobody will be notified. Using a radio or a cellular phone could be an alternative alarm, instead.  For more information regarding monitored alarm systems, check out Security Baron‘s review on ADT.


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Choosing the best security system for your home would be perhaps the most challenging part of the whole process. There are many competent technology companies nowadays. Before purchasing, do some research first and ask professionals. It is best to make a well-informed selection.

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