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Wallpaper Only One Wall, Maybe Keep Your Rental Deposit

I’m not a huge fan of most accent walls—you know, the decorating technique where you paint one wall with a color and leave the other three some version of white. It always seems to scream, “This is the wall where I got crazy and really went for it!”  Why not buck up and paint all four? If you hate it, it’s paint; you repaint it white.

But when I saw the living room wall wallpapered in a gray floral paper, I had to eat my words.

Source: Pinterest

I loved it! Here’s why it works for me: The wallpaper acts like a stand-in for a wall of art.

If I could pick a wall to put up a gorgeous wallpaper wall, you bet your ass I would. If I didn’t have to pay for it, that is.

Source: Pinterest

To make this treatment even more luxe, consider hanging it behind your bed to act like a headboard or frame it with molding near the ceiling, floor, and connecting walls.

Source: Pinterest

I’m loving the wallpaper.

Source: Pinterest

Unless you’re a pro, don’t hang it yourself. You’ll only get crooked seams and bubbles.

Original by Nina Carbone

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