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VR_Shana – the YouTube channel worth exploring  

Internet is a huge, wonderful place where everyone can find something that interests them. Music, tutorials, podcasts, gameplays, promotional videos, or maybe something completely different. Games and virtual reality are taking over peoples’ hearts. As technology is developing, we’re receiving more and more ways to spend our free time. Virtual reality is using computer technology in order to create, or simulate, a certain environment making us the center of the simulation. There is a head-mounted display included that allows you to enter the new environment and you can also have two controllers, one for each hand, in order to move and make certain actions in the VR world. It can be an exhilarating experience and many have already discovered its huge potential and entertainment value. There are also lots of ways to tape or stream your VR experience in order to show it to others.

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The VR community, comprised of the VR users and the fans, is huge on YouTube. One good example of a smaller YouTube VR community is the YT channel VR_Shana. This channel is focused on posting videos of different VR simulations and gameplays. While virtual reality content and games are the center of the channel, there is other interesting stuff happening there as well. Each week, regularly, new videos are uploaded, never letting the subscribers down. From time to time, a new tutorial video is made about random stuff. Just anything that seems interesting to the creator at that moment. Already a tight community is created around this channel. Many people interested in the same topic and content have been gathered around VR_Shana and they already have their small traditions. For example, each Wednesday they hang out together watching anime, or they organize a movie night, while Fridays are reserved for game nights where they simply hang out, chat, and play games together. Also, if you’re into creating the animations, you’re going to enjoy this channel very much.

VR chats, cat videos, animations, there’s everything. Furthermore, you can sometimes watch the creator of the channel play different games such as Sims and Secret of Mana. On the channel you can also see some videos made using MMD which is a free Japanese 3D animation program that features different characters. Since the program was created eleven years ago by Yu Higuchi, it evolved and experienced many changes. This software allows users to import 3D models into a virtual space that can then be controlled and animated as the users wish. The moves, the facial expressions, and the position of the figure can be easily altered in order to move the character around in the virtual space and make them talk or sing.

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This is exactly what VR_Shana used in order to make those exciting videos you can find on the channel. However, it isn’t all about entertainment. As the creator explains, the friendly community will easily accept anyone who wishes to join them and they’ve managed to create a family environment where everyone can feel welcome. Anyone who isn’t usually comfortable with social interactions can feel like home with all of the subscribers watching movies, playing games, or simply enjoying the content!

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