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Veterinary Hygiene Starts With PVC Wall Cladding

PVC wall cladding is helping to keep people and their pets safe in veterinary practices across the UK. This versatile and attractive cladding system means vets can get on with the job of providing high-quality animal care – without having to worry about hygiene. Effortless to keep spotlessly clean, it is recommended for busy reception areas and treatment rooms.

“Reception areas in veterinary practices need to look welcoming, calming and above all clean,” says CleanClad, the UK’s biggest-selling hygienic wall cladding brand. “Such products deliver seamless hygiene in soft colours that help to put pets and their owners at ease. More and more vets are requesting our products because they deliver an all-round solution.”

Source: THC Midlands Ltd

PVC wall cladding with the pet factor

Taking a much-loved pet to the vets can be stressful and upsetting. Because animals are often quite poorly, veterinary practices have to deal with the occasional mishap in public-facing settings. CleanClad PVC wall cladding makes removing potentially harmful fluids from surfaces easy. Spots and stains can be quickly removed with mild detergent and walls sanitized for total hygiene.

The CleanClad spokesman adds:

“Vets appreciate the efficiency of our system and that fact that it can transform outdated environments into modern spaces that are effortless to maintain. These products can outperform tiles and stainless steel, yet they are less expensive. They can also be installed quickly and easily. For a cost-effective, efficient hygiene solution, such products deliver exceptional value.”

Source: THC Midlands Ltd

Cladding to reduce risks in veterinary practices

The last thing an animal owner wants is to find their treasured pet has picked up an infection while visiting the vets. Animal hygiene is important because it stops infectious diseases from spreading and looks after the health of humans at the same time. Modern cladding can mitigate some of the risks associated with hard-to-clean surfaces.

PVC Cladding is fire resistant and suitable for moisture-intense settings. It resists impact and chemicals and is also non-toxic and fully recyclable. All the products in the range are easy to cut and install. They are also available to buy online. It is used on petting farms, in zoos, animal welfare shelters, colleges that run animal care courses and veterinary practices.

Source: THC Midlands Ltd

Where can vets buy PVC wall cladding?

Improving hygiene standards in veterinary practice has never been easier. This where you can view all the available products and learn more about their numerous benefits. PVC wall cladding is perfect for busy animal care settings. Unlike tiles, PVC wall cladding will never crack or need grouting. It provides long-lasting efficiency that helps drive up standards and lower risks.

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