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Top ten interior designs trends in 2019

Every year there is a trend that designers set, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to change everything in your home, but can be helpful if you want to renovate or use it as a guideline for your next home project.

Black stainless steel appliances

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There was a time when pastel colors in the kitchen were all the trend, but that time is long gone. For 2019 designers recommend black. Black stainless steel appliances, fridge, oven, dishwasher, all in black for your high gloss kitchen.

Flowery designs

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Flowery designs are coming back in a big way, and designers are determined to bring it to all homes. Rose petals on your furniture, flower handles, rags, towels, and even chandeliers are amongst top interior designs.


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Instead of huge countertops from marble in your kitchen, try something in a smaller form factor, a new trend is marble wall clocks, marble flower pots, mats for glasses, even chandeliers everything with that minimalistic touch.

Mix it up, try different materials for your kitchen

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Be bold; try to put unthinkable together, mix stone, metal, and wood to get some fantastic results. Designers are encouraging you to try and express yourself in some new ways, and try some new things to make your home a more beautiful place.

Digital-free living rooms

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You probably have all the latest gadgets from smart TVs to tablets, and they are all over your home. That was a trend a few years ago to have a smart house full of gizmos, but that time has come to an end. Many families are making living rooms a place to hang out and talk, to unplug from social media and have some quality time with your family.

Scandinavian waves

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Clean, minimalistic geometry design. Carpets with geometry shapes can bring a modern, sophisticated look to your home, and it works well with contemporary design as well as traditional design.

Glossy is out matt is in

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Past few years, everything was about the shine, glossy metallic shades. But that is so last year, we sad that black is the new color but make it matt because that is the latest trend. Chandeliers, painting frames, even matt black walls for your home, and if you have bronze or gold details in your living space that for the better.

Rounded furniture

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Sharp edges are so 80-s, and furniture with sharp edges is slowly leaving our homes. Rounded tables, mirrors, couch, are just a few examples to look for in this year.

Industrial look

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Like many bars and restaurants, this design is hard to resist, an aesthetic trend that is based on old factories and industrial spaces finding more and more ways into our homes.


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We know the first thing when you think about shelves is primarily their function; however, it is also a chance to show your creativity. The shelf’s that cover an entire wall with interesting shapes and in all sizes. It is a big “yes yes” for 2019 interior design.

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