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Top Indian Fashion Trends for 2019

Another year, another summer is on our way, and another brilliant opportunity to upgrade our wardrobe with the best Indian fashion trends. India is the home of fashion extravaganza and glamour, and should always be on your mind if you want to wear something memorable.  As new things trend to the west, trends tend to take their shape in the east, and India is the source of it all.

With so many things to look at, how would we know what will rock 2019 and what will flop? In this article, we’re going to take a look at the top Indian fashion trends for 2019.

1. Statement Earrings

Source: VOGUE India

India has always been the place where jewelry is celebrated and worn by both men and women. But for this year, we predict that big earrings will be the statement choice. Large earpieces always look good on a woman, and statement earrings will make a huge difference to your overall appearance. Large earrings will totally replace any accessory you have at home, and Indian attires will reign supreme on the east as well as in the west.

2. Heirlooms

Source: Diva Exports

2019 will be a year of respecting the family, so naturally, family heirlooms will rage this season. What better way to combine your new dresses than with all those old sarees and antique jewelry that your grandma used to wear? As a matter of fact, silk dresses go best will old, family jewelry. Your favorite silk sarees and banarasi shawls can finally be taken out of the wardrobe and taken for a spin. Old family heirlooms are your perfect choice of accessory for special occasions such as weddings.

3. Feathers

Source: VOGUE India

Most of the fashion world predicts that giving your outfit a feathery touch will be huge this summer. According to Nihal Fashions, adding feathers to your outfits will bring out great positive vibes. Feathers can be used on your lehenga or the saree. Light feathers of matching colors will bring out the chic-nes in your outfit and keep you up to date with the latest fashion trends around the world. There is no point in overlooking other cultures, as feathers have been proven to look good on any woman’s outfit. Feathers can be used on the sleeves, the waist of the blouse, the collar, and simply everywhere along with your outfit, just make sure to have them in matching colors.

4. Palazzos and Long Jackets

Source: YouTube

Palazzos are comfortable to wear and they look amazing. Long jackets have been always in and fashion designers predict that these two will be huge this summer. Palazzos combines with long jackets is a fashion trend that is most popular in western culture. But they also have a desi vibe to it. Pair them with crop tops and you got yourself a matching combination of both class and elegance. But if wearing a short crop top is not your thing, or you don’t feel comfortable in it, then switch it up with a long jacket that will have the same effect but feel different entirely.

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