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Top Highland Destinations in South Asia

South Asian destinations have become a huge tourist magnet in the recent past for their beautiful tropical beaches and vibrant culture. However, after spending a few days at the beach, it is only natural to crave for a cooler retreat away from the touristy beaches and nightclubs. Many people are unaware of the hidden mountainous destinations of South Asia that are as gorgeous and distinct as another highland destination but do not get much attention. Most of these destinations have little urbanizations which makes them excellent for mental and physical relaxation away from the bustling cities and touristy towns. Here are some of the most gorgeous highland destinations that you should consider visiting in South Asia.

Source: World Nomads

Chiang Mai

Most people know Thailand as the land of islands and beaches. However, not many people are aware that amidst the waters of Andaman, there is a small secluded highland area in the mountainous north of Thailand. This beautiful valley has nothing to do with beaches but is still full of natural treasures. It is a lush green valley of beautiful rice and tea farms with densely forested mountains in the backdrop. The weather is amazingly pleasant and offers a cool respite from the hot and humid sea level and is the best place to enjoy a breath of fresh air. Although there are no modern attractions in Chiang Mei, there are adequate natural and cultural offerings that you can explore by booking a tour at Online Chiangmai.

Source: Kuala Lumpur

Genting Highlands

Located in the close proximity of the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highland is a beautiful resort valley with a cool breezy temperature. The fact that it is barely an hour’s drive from the city, makes it easily accessible. The resort has a few world-class hotels, shopping mall, casinos, indoor and outdoor theme park, eateries and a lot of entertainment options that make it a great destination for short getaways. You can also take a cable car ride through the valleys to explore the nearby areas such as the Chin Swee Temple. Drive a few miles further to explore Bukit Tinggi. Also known as French Valley to explore the beautiful French themed picturesque resort.

Source: Explorista

Cameron Highland

Cameroon Highland is another highland destination in the Malaysian province of Perak. At 5000 meters in the mountain, Cameron Highland has a more village vibe to it. The highlands are dominated by cooler temperatures and beautiful tea valleys, strawberry farms, honey farms and butterfly farms. The valley was developed during the British colonial era and still has a very colonial vibe to it.

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Located in the northwestern mountains of Vietnam, Sapa is home to beautiful green valleys that will leave you spell-bound at best. The valleys are dominated by rice paddies cultivated in terraced farmlands, picturesque landscape, breathtaking trekking trails and refreshingly cool breeze. You will fall in love with Sapa once you find yourself waking up to a dreamy misty view that looks straight out of the fairytale.

Source: Pinoy Adventurista

Sagada, Philippines

Sagada is a beautiful valley in the mountainous Philippines that will remind you of Lord of the Rings. The picturesque valley will leave you awestruck with rice terraces and dreamy misty mornings and cloudy evenings.

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