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Top Applications and their Advantages in Family Safety

You must be thinking – whether an app can save my family or kids’ life in case of any trouble. Well, the answer is yes, below are the best applications and their benefits in keeping your whole family out of trouble. Even if you are at the office or out of the city – these applications will inform you about the real-time location and many more. Let’s explore them:

Find My Kids

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Findmykids.org is one of the most trustworthy applications for tracking your kids and other beloved ones over the iOS or an Android cell phone. This app comes with varieties of services such as notifications, SOS, monitoring, etc. This GPS tracker app will notify you about all the places, your child has visited the whole day. Thus, there is no need to disturb them again and again with a bunch of calls or texts.

It keeps the record of the visited locations as well as the route followed by your kid. In case your child is enjoying a bad company or not picking up your call, you can listen to what is happening around them. In case of danger, your child can send an SOS signal to you. Their phone will automatically start recording activities from the surrounding. One of the best features about this app – you can track statistics of all the used apps in kids’ cell phone. Thus, you can understand where they spend most of the time.


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Spyzie is a famous tracking app comes along with varieties of rich and essential features. It provides all the useful information about the targeted device. This app avails the web-based dashboard whose interface is very easy and user-friendly.

You can access it from anywhere and any device. With this app, parents can get the real-time location, messages, logs, notes, photos and browsing the history of their children cell phone. It avails instant location and quick access to the kid’s device. This app is compatible with almost all Android versions.

The TruthSpy

Source: TheTruthSpy

This app is developed for monitoring your beloved family and friends. The TruthSpy app provides access to a massive number of services so that you can monitor and track kids or other family member’s smartphone. Its user-friendly interface is very easy to use. Through this app, you can track your families’ real-time location.

It also allows you to monitor their internet activity such as browsing history. This application is lashed with the ambient voice recording and live call recording feature.

Family Locator

Source: Sygic

Family Locator app allows you to stay connected with your family all the time – whether you are at office or outstation. You can quickly track all the connected family members over the map. This app is very helpful in case of any trouble. Your kids or other beloved ones can tap over the SOS button which will immediately share their exact location.

You can also text your family over this app. This app will notify you, once your kid will reach the final destination. To do so, you can point out the safe zones over the map such as home, coaching or school, etc.

Safe 365

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Are you still thinking about how to stay connected with your family? Well, here is one more app- safe 365. This app is specially developed to provide safety for all your family members even if you are not present there. Through this, you can instantly know where they exactly are?

This app has incredible features like instant notification in case of trouble or when one reaches at the destination, real-time location monitoring, battery warnings, three location sharing mode, and a panic button. You can leverage the exact, approximate location and route through Safe 365. If your beloved ones face any trouble, they can quickly press the panic button.

LetsTrack RealTime GPS Tracker

Source: YouTube

This application is for tracking your family members in the real-time whether they are traveling in an auto, car, motorbike or just walking. LetsTrack RealTime GPS tracker also includes the real-time messaging service with personal and device based tracking feature.

You can chat and share pictures with your friends and family through this app. You can also mark the meeting requests by providing the zones alert as well. Apart from the app, it can also be accessed through browsers.

So, don’t think too much. Choose any one of them in order to make the best choice for the safety of your family. These applications will make you tension free even if you are out of the country.

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