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Top 7 Best Strollers to Make Your Parenting Experience Less Stressful

No matter if you already have twins, or you’re expecting newborns, there is a stroller available that will be the best for your family and lifestyle. If you are not sure what to consider when buying a stroller, we offer you a few tips:

Side-by-side stroller: If you are a family with two twins that are around the same size, then this stroller is the best option for you.

Double Jogging Stroller: For a family that loves to indulge in various activities, this type of stroller is perfect. It is designed for twins that are similar in size. If you’re a fan of jogging while taking care of your twins, then this stroller is perfect for you.

Tandem ( or inline ) Double stroller: This type of stroller is designed in a way that one seat is located in the front, and the other one in the back. It can be an ideal option for twins or siblings that are close in age but have in mind that one of the seats could be slightly different.

Sit-and-stand stroller: When it comes to a family who has children with a bigger age gap, this type of stroller could be an ideal option. The younger child is safely secured in the stroller, while the older child can feel useful by standing and helping to push the stroller. It is also a beautiful bonding experience for the children.

Umbrella double stroller: If you’re a parent looking for a stroller that is not only lightweight but also easy to fold and to transport, then this umbrella double stroller is the perfect option for you.

Since you have all of this on your mind, we offer you a list of the best available strollers on the market.

1. Chicco Echo Twin Stroller – $189.99

Source: Amazon UK

If you’re going on a vacation, this stroller will make your travel experience much easier. This stroller comes in a side-by-side design, and its narrow profile can fit through every door frame.

2. AmorosO Twin Baby Stroller – $58.28

Source: Amazon.com

The perfect double stroller for daily activities, such as going to the farmers market or running errands around the city. Its lightweight build accompanied by super responsive wheels will make your life much easier.

3. Delta Children Side by Side Umbrella Stroller – $71.02

Source: Amazon.com

This children’s double stroller weighs 18 pounds, which is less than most of the single strollers. It’s easy to fold.  For all those coffee-loving parents, this stroller will be perfect because it offers a cupholder. Also, it has a storage bag hanging in the back so you can store all of your toddler’s necessities.

4. Delta Children City Street LX Side-by-Side Stroller – $74.00 (20% off)

Source: eBay

This stroller offers you a lightweight design, canopies that will protect your kids from the sun, wind or rain, and the reclines are easily adjusted, so the comfort is guaranteed. Also, another plus is that it folds up, so it can be stored anywhere.

5. Joovy ScooterX2 – $209.99 (25% off)

Source: Joovy

Don’t let the price scare you off, because this stroller is truly a great bargain. It offers a lot of great features such as reclining seats that guarantee comfort for your kids, a narrow frame so you won’t have problems with strolling through door frames. It has belly bars which are a rare find on double strollers. Also, there are double cupholders. The zippered pockets are located in the back, and in the bottom, there is a vast amount of storage space.

6. Joovy Twin Roo+ Car Seat Stroller – $97.65 (25% off)

Source: Amazon.com

This stroller is perfect for carrying your infants from the car to the stroller without interrupting their sleep. Also, this is the only stroller frame that can carry two infants at the same time.

7. Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller – $399.99

Source: Toys R Us

This stroller offers seven different seating options. The stroller frame is designed to be durable, the canopies keep your babies safe. As an addition, there is enough storage room in the bottom.

8. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller – $163.99

Source: Amazon.com

The perfect choice if you’re looking for a comfortable yet lightweight and narrow framed stroller. As a plus, it has a storage option at the bottom.

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