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Top 6 Alternative Choices for Watching ESPN3 Live Stream

If you love live streaming sports online, then ESPN3 needs no introductions. According to www.satellitestreams.com the fact that you are reading this is a sign you are either tired of watching ESPN3 live stream or you need an alternative channel you could rely on to overcome some of the known deficiencies of ESPN3. Truth be told, the service is a solid one when it comes to streaming of live sports and it dwarfs both ESPN and ESPN2 combined as far as sports live streaming is concerned. But there are equally good sports channels you could turn to if you were looking for ESPN alternatives. Here is a brief at some of them:

NFL Network Live

The NFL Network is a sports-oriented cable and satellite network that will give you a depth similar to ESPN3 when it comes to sports live streaming. Though it is owned and operated by the National Football League, this is by no means an implication that you will find only NFL games on this network, though the majority of the games, analysis, previews, and reviews will be about NFL.

If you used to use ESPN3 to access NFL games, then this is another alternative you could target for a similar experience. However, you will not be lucky to find the NFL network with most of the base subscription offered by the many streaming services. Depending on which live TV streaming service provider you subscribe to, you will have an upgrade or have it as an add-on package to the base package.

The SEC Network

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Another worthy network you could turn to when you are don’t have or you are unable to use ESPN3 is the SEC Network. Both the SEC Network and ESPN3 are sports networks owned by ESPN, and as such, you are sure to find incredible sports content and coverage in both. Unlike ESPN3 that covers nearly every sporting event happening around the globe, the SEC Network seems to be biased towards baseball, and if baseball was one of the reasons why you stuck to ESPN, then this is an alternative you are going to like.

With the network, you get incredible content about the game, including upcoming fixtures, replays, highlights, reviews, previews, and a variety of interviews. However, if you need a robust alternative that is nearly similar to ESPN3 in terms of the depth of the coverage, then this may not be a very good alternative for you.

CBS Sports Live

This is the sports division of the CBS television network. It is a service with incredible sports coverage just like ESPN3. It is not restricted to any given type of sports, but it is incredibly diverse, with live streams of sports such as NFL, NHL, Golf, MLB, Soccer, WWE, Boxing, Rugby, Tennis, MMA and much more. Just like ESPN3, you will find links to live streams to a variety of sporting events taking place in different places around the glove.

Additionally, you will find reviews, previews, interview and highlights of different kinds of games. But you should be advised that CBS sports don’t come cheap. It is not one of the channels you are going to find with the base package with most of the live streaming service provider. In most cases, you will have upgrade to a level above the base package, or you will need to have it as an add-on to the base package of your subscription. Either way, you are not going to miss ESPN3 if you get CBS Sports.

Fox Sports Go

Another great alternative to ESPN3 that you will be very pleased with is Fox Sports Go. This is the main over-the-top service by Fox Sports and it is currently one of the best places to catch all the live action in the sporting world. It is detailed, rich and always full of expert analysts to help you break down every game, before and after the matches. Its programming is also in-depth, and it is not tied to any singular sporting event.

In addition to the live streams, the channel has replays and highlight so that you can always watch some of the actions you might have missed in the live streams you couldn’t catch. But like any other premium sports channel, you will be disappointed to think that you will find Fox Sports Go in the basic package of your online streaming service subscription. Like the rest, you will need to upgrade or add it as an add-on depending on your streaming service provider.

You also have the freedom to choose it as a standalone package where you pay for it separately and use it to access Fox content on Fox Soccer Plus, Fox 1 & 2 and Fox Deportes Cable Channels.

beIN Sports

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beIN Sports is a global network of sports channels – another great alternative to ESPN3. It belongs to beIN Media Group and it brings a wide variety of live sporting events. If you are a fan of globally acclaimed sports such as soccer, rugby, boxing, MMA, cycling, WWE, and golf, and you want uninterrupted streams, then this is one of the best sports networks you will ever have. Being a premium sports channel, it will be available in upgrades above the basic packages for most of the streaming services. The package you take will also dictate the total number of channels you get. For a good experience, consider going for Fubo Sports Extra package available at $50/month.

Eleven Sports

Eleven Sports is based in the United Kingdom, and it is a multinational group of sports channels known to deliver world-class domestic and international sports. With it, you will have access to a variety of sports content, including football, soccer, car rally, MMA, basketball, tennis, hockey, boxing, golf, racing and much more. Even though it is international, not all regions are covered, and you may be unlucky if you live in places such as South America, Africa, and Australia. And to get Eleven Sports channels, you will need more than just the base subscription. The best bet would be to go for the Fubo Extra Package at $50/month for unlimited access.

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