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Top 5 Trending Adult Electric Scooters

Cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and public transportation vehicles are pretty much inconvenient for some people. One might consider having a transportation method that will conveniently provide them easy access to different places. By convenient, it means easy, durable, and cost-efficient way of travelling without worrying about stopping by some gas stations, being late for class/work due to traffic jams, or even the regret of having a large vehicle that couldn’t drive past narrow streets.

Since its emergence in the 1890s, electric scooters have been making noises in the transportation industry as a good alternative for transportation methods. Through the years, these scooters are constantly improving, with newly innovated safety features, aesthetic aspects, and the integration of technological progress into its mechanisms.

In planning to own an electric scooter, you might want to take note of many factors before having one – and this mainly includes which scooters are the most relevant today. With different key features and unique attributes that could fit varying customer’s taste, here are the top 5 trending electric scooters in the market.

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Glion Dolly Electric Scooter

Source: Kickstarter

Topping the list, perhaps the best existing electric scooter is the Glion Dolly Foldable Commuter Electric Scooter due to its numerous fine features.

Yes, you read it right. This scooter is foldable! Making it perfect for storage and portability purposes. It can be stored right through your garage, or even just in an unnoticeable corner of your living room without taking too much space.

If you need to use it more often, then this electric scooter is perfect for you because of its strong battery and quick charging. Its battery pack is aligned with the biggest ones in the market, a premium 36 V guarantees a nonstop running of more than 3 hours equipped with fast charging as well.

Razor E200 Electric Scooter

Source: 5productreviews

Built by the scooter field’s pride, Razor, Razor E200 Electric Commuter Personal Transport Scooter is considered a breakthrough in electric scooters today. The reason why most people fell in love with this product is due to its sleek and concise design. Plus it provides a smooth ride for anyone. Its chain driven motor makes it possible to glide through without making unnecessary noises, stable as driven with an epic speed of 12 miles per hour.

Unfortunately, this electric scooter is not foldable and storage convenient. It also takes more time to be fully charged due to its lead-acid battery.

Super Turbo 1000watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter

Source: Pinterest

Manufactured by Super Cycles and Scooters, this Turbo 1000 is another foldable scooter that can sit comfortably in your home when stored. But it is weighed a heavy 95 pounds as it’s made from heavy-duty materials, This scooter is also only intended for travelling level surfaces and not climbing slopes.

As the name states, the Turbo 1000 offers a powerful 1000-watt motor making it unique among competitors. It is best used in level surfaces such as roads, asphalt, and sidewalks that take an 18-mile path before recharging. As mentioned, it is not good for climbing hills. However, Super Cycles and Scooters offers an option by incorporating it with a hill climb kit that features a larger sprocket.

EcoReco M5 E-Scooter

Source: SlashGear

A predecessor of EcoReco M3, many people consider this scooter because of its foldability and portability. But what does it have which sets it aside among others? It is the best scooter during the holidays. If you’re going out-of-country this weekend, you can simply take your EcoReco M5 with you, fold it neatly, and it will fit nicely on small spaces.

The EcoReco M5 can wheel smoothly through various surfaces such as terrain, pavements, and grass featuring a speed up to 23 mph and a quick charge of about 3 hours only.

From its name “EcoReco,” this scooter promised us to be environment-friendly. In fact, by simply registering on their website, they will plant a tree to show their support for good environmental causes.

GIGABYKE GROOVE Eco-Friendly E-bike

Source: Amazon.ca

Last but not the least is another environmentally friendly scooter that can be described as more of a bike for some good reasons. Looking at its overall appearance, it’s quite different from the other four scooters as this one looks more like a motorbike – it’s actually an electric moped scooter.

One of its key characteristics is the durable, functional, and user-friendly design that can carry more than 250 lbs of weight without sacrificing a comfortable riding adventure.


And now, our list for the top 5 trending adult scooters are complete. They do not guarantee that they are the best in the field, but it is still preferable to check reviews which electric scooter adults lean forward to. Whichever scooter suits your taste, rest assured that your riding experience will be the best and comfortable as ever.

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