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Top 5 Recommended Best Counter Depth Refrigerator Reviews 2019

Counter depth refrigerator, or as some call them cabinet depth, are designed to fit in with the standard cabinets, which are 25 inches deep. Most of the fridges on the market today are 35 inches deep, meaning they will protrude good 10 inches, creating an obstacle in your kitchen. This is especially a problem in smaller kitchens, like a galley kitchen found in many apartments. Not only they save space and make it easier to move around the kitchen, but they also look much better. Finally, they are much cheaper than regular-sized fridges.

They come in three flavors: regular counter depth refrigerators, professional counter depth refrigerators, and integrated counter depth refrigerators depending on their size and capacity. Here are our top 5 picks for your apartment kitchen.

Fisher & Paykel RF135BDLX4 Counter Depth Refrigerator

Source: Home Appliance Company

Fisher & Paykel RF135BDLX4 comes with a bottom freezer that has a capacity of 13.5 cu ft. With the handle, it is 29 inches deep, meaning the handle will stick out from your cabinets once installed. It is 25 inches wide and 67 inches high, making it one of the more compact models on the market and a great choice for small kitchens.

It comes with the ActiveSmartFoodcare technology. The inside of the fridge is superbly organized, but it will not suffice for a large family. Pros include stable temperature, excellent interior, extremely quiet, brilliant LED lights, and slender handles. Cons are no ice maker, hinges are not reversible, and considering its small size, it is rather expensive.

Frigidaire FGHF2367TF Counter Depth Refrigerator

Source: Designer Appliances

Frigidaire FGHF2367TF comes with French door design for the upper part and a freezer at the bottom. Its full capacity is 21.9 cu. Ft and the dimensions are 28-1/2″ deep and 69-7/8″ high. It has the Full-Width Cool-Zone, which is big enough to hold a birthday cake, door alarm which will warn you if you forget to close the door, and PureSource® ice maker and water filter. The filter is a great addition, ensuring you always have clean drinking water on hand and you get a spare, so you are covered for a long time.

Other pros are SpillSafe® shelves prevent leakage or spills, automatic defrost for easy cleanup, easy to access drawers, and quiet operation. Cons include slow icemaker and filtered water comes out warm.

SMETA SBCD-590-2 Counter Depth Refrigerator

Source: Amazon.com

SMETA SBCD-590-2 is a budget version of a French door model. The doors will stick out a little since its depth is 28.7 inches. It is 5.9 inches wide and 69.9 inches high. Not only this is a cheap fridge, but it also comes with a 16-months warranty, which is great for such a low-cost fridge.

Pros are budget-friendly, fingerprint-resistant stainless steel exterior, frost-free, and it is energy-efficient. Cons are that it will protrude about 3 inches and the warrant could be at least 18 months, if not longer.

GE Profile PWE23KSKSS 36″ Counter Depth Refrigerator

Source: RC Willey

With a 23.1 cu. Ft of capacity, GE Profile PWE23KSKSS 36″ should be big enough for an average family. The outside isn’t fingerprint proof so you will need to wipe it regularly. The sides of the fridge aren’t made of stainless steel but are rather plastic. It comes with a water filtration system and an icemaker. It has TwinChill technology, allowing different temperatures to be set for the freezer and the fridge sections. It has a good quality for a decent price, excellent water filter, and well-placed LED lights. However, it will protrude from your cabinets and the exterior needs regular cleaning.

Samsung RF23J9011SR Counter Depth Refrigerator

Source: Kitchen Appliances

Samsung RF23J9011SR is an excellent fridge with one glaring fault: despite being advertised as fingerprint proof, it actually isn’t, which is frustration. On the bright note, it has an excellent icemaker and water filtration system, capable of churning out about 160 ice cubs daily. One thing to watch out is that when making crushed ice, it will spit ice all over the kitchen. The fridge comes with a triple cooling system, meaning a different temperature can be set for each of its three zones. It has two large pull out drawers and impressive design, adding value to your kitchen. Unfortunately, it only comes with a one-year warranty, the icemaker is slow, it makes an irritating gurgling sound and you need to wipe it down every day.

Source: kitchenbyte.com

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