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Top 5 reasons to start studying now for the NBCOT® Exam

The NBCOT exam is your way to further enhance your practice of an Occupational Therapy profession. This is what actually OT students take most of their time right after finishing their curriculum in college to have a better jumpstart of their career.

This is something that you should not just let sit for a couple of months after graduation because taking it is not as easy as it sounds it would be. An online learning hub passtheot.com can attest to that.

Once you were able to check if you are eligible to take the board-certification test, you need to start taking an effective study prep to juice your brains up for it.

Here are the Top 5 reasons why you should start studying for the NBCOT exam now:

It is a dragging process

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Yes, that’s true. It is undeniable to say that studying for the board-certification is as easy as how you got it in school. There are so many things you have to take notes for in this long journey of assessing and studying. Some of the exam takers say the road is grueling and it would never be something you can call as your friend until you tame it.

Assessing yourself is the most important part because this is where you try to do some adjustments to keep the study prep focused and target based.

Knowing your weakness when it comes to your profession is not a bad thing. In fact, it can help you a lot. Knowing your weakness can trim and list down which part of the exams you see as incomprehensible and improve it with the help of Pass the OT’s online module or personal tutoring. That is when you will address the matter of your exam difficulty.

The 3-month long study period is recommended

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The professionals and successful exam takers recommend 8-10 weeks of studying to prepare for the exam. Surely, first-timers must hear them out because they got through it already. But even you would know that cramming is not ideal for big deal exams just like this.

Think ahead as much as possible. What would happen if you procrastinated and the exam for the board-certification is in two weeks? Would you even not get nervous about it? Even the brightest student in your class would study ahead of you because they know such exam is something you need to put hard work on. It is best for you to prepare as early as possible.

NBCOT exam has a complex format

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The OTR and COTA exams are unlike any other board examination in the field of medicine.  They have complex formats which would most likely take most of your time if you have never been used to it.  Both of them even have different formats in terms of the questioning method and the chances to choose your answers for a specific topic. It will become tricky as possible and clearly, you need the get used to it during your study prep or else you are going to waste the 4-hour period with answering only a few questions in the computer.

An online study prep course is available

Yes, you got that right! There is no need to get worked up with how you are going to study preparedly for the NBCOT exam because Passtheot.com has everything you need to pass it.

Wanna know why?

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Pass the OT is not just like any other online learning hubs because they are proud to say that 2,000 of their students are now board-certified occupational therapists who passed the test on their first time. Some of them even got 101 points which are really impressive and unlikely to happen if you reviewed on your own.  Wanna know how they did it? Here’s why.

If you enroll to Pass the OT study prep course, you are entitled to benefit the following:

1,800 questions in timed or untimed quizzes (similar to NBCOT questions)
Interactive study materials (charts, videos, and educational games)
Assessment tests to further enhance the self capability
25 key topics with broken down mini quizzes
Accommodation quizzes and final comprehensive exam
Clinical simulations with highlighted notes
A very effective one-on-one tutoring (phone or skype)

As you can see, these modules can truly help you with preparing yourself properly with the board exam.

Enjoy board-certified OT benefits

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This is the fun part because becoming a board passer as an occupational therapist can take you to miles of places and further learning. Not only you would be able to request for your desired compensation but you would be able to develop more each time you get an opportunity for it. Later on, you can make your profession a business of your own and you will get clients who would love to ask for your expertise to help in their company’s needs as well.

Think as big as you can be because anything good and even great can happen to you in the future. All you need to do is set your priorities straight, believe in yourself that you can pass the certification exam and be confident enough that things will go well as long as you set your focus unto it.

Study for your NBCOT exam now with Pass the OT!

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