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Top 5 Part-Time Jobs For Students To Try In An Academic Niche

Students are eager to get part-time jobs as much as they are enthusiastic about attending classes. It is indeed very encouraging, especially for the first obvious reason for earning some extra money. Even beyond that, part-time jobs could provide experience, and get them started on their desired careers.

Though many people consider that taking jobs in college could be distracting, to the contrary, research studies show that part-time jobs and internships prove to improve the grades, as well as offer them employment skills, providing better chances for employment after graduating.

It could help to advance the timeline, widen the horizons for niches, and above all, could offer for relevant networking opportunities.

Academic niche, for many reasons, is desired by many students. For those who are particularly interested in the educational industry, here are a few ones to try their hands at.

1. Tutoring

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Did you get a high score in SAT? Don’t think all that hard work has to be done and dusted once you get through to college. After you get an admission might be the time to market the SAT scores to get some students for yourself. They can find plenty of opportunities via their community circle or online websites to tutor learners in high school and grade school.

If you had passed some other specialty exams for the graduate school like LSAT or MCAT, that could also offer chances for tutoring. Furthermore, your college group mates themselves might need some help with a few subjects and might do a lot better with your help.

2. Writing with EssayService

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As a student, there is no need to explain to you, how frustrating the whole writing aspect of a college education is. It might seem like it is never-ending, right from academic papers to exams spinning around writing skills. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the flair for writing.

If you are one of those few lucky ones, it could be used to benefit. EssayService is a longstanding platform that has been offering essay services to undergraduates over a variety of academic papers including essays, dissertations, research papers and more. They are much sought out for their efficient services, and quick turnaround for writing jobs.

EssayService.com is a big platform where experienced freelance writers help students with their assignments. Being a student, if you are well versed in the norms of scholarly writing, it is possible to sign up a freelance writer yourself. It is an easy way to improve the writing skills, gain experience and earn money all while working around the campus schedule.

3. Teaching Assistant

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This might be the most coveted jobs for students. Being a teaching assistant is a very reputed position and there is no better way to launch your career in the educational sector. That said, the competition is also very fierce. The requirements for a teaching assistant position will vary from school to school and at times even with the preferences of professions. Primarily, it requires you to be enrolled in school. There are particular positions for junior, senior and masters.

Transcripts do play a significant role in getting this job, as the first thing that the university will look at. It would also require a recommendation from the educational background itself. Students would further be required to take a TA training session to prepare them for the scope of the job.

4. E-learning Platforms

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In the current scenario, there are many popular educational websites started by students itself. Over time, many have withstood storms and have now established themselves as tycoons in the industry. These platforms are even considered the future of education, revolutionizing the way education is imparted across the globe.

From internships to part-time jobs, such platforms provide plenty of job opportunities. Irrespective of the niche, whether it’s as an IT consultant or a curriculum developer, the help of students in framing the academic aspects are much sought after by them.

Especially in startups, they welcome undergraduates who can play an integral role at the same time without demanding a pay as high as a graduate. Nevertheless, the scope of such companies is enormous, and could only help in future endeavors.

5. Office Assistant Jobs

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While office jobs might not first strike as an academic niche, it is definitely working for the academic niche. There is a whole team working behind the curtains to get the entire university running. Right from handling the paperwork to ensuring that the computer systems are up to date, this field ranges of many levels.

A few positions that students could apply for include that of an administrative assistant, attendance secretary, office assistant, front desk receptionist, summer assistants, student office assistant and many more. It wouldn’t be hard to look into such job openings on your campus itself.

Finding a part-time job while being a student might not always be easy. But it is definitely worth the work and could further help in landing jobs in the future.


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