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Top 5 Knife Blocks in 2019

It can be a real nightmare when you want to use your favorite knife, but you can’t find it. People who use drawers have such problems, since other members of the household often don’t share the same view of cutlery arrangement or any other silverware for that matter, so when they use your favorite knife, they usually don’t put it back where they found it. Another downside of drawers is the risk of children getting ahold of the knives, driven by their inborn curiosity and that can end up pretty bad. The solution to all your problems can be a knife block – practical, aesthetic and discrete.

And What Exactly is That?

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A knife block is a block of wood or other solid material, containing long hollow grooves in which kitchen knives can be inserted up to the handle.

Knives can be stored on the wall, in the drawer or in the block. Another option is a magnetic knife strip, if you want to preserve space. However, this option is not ideal, since the strength of the magnet can be an issue. Therefore, an extra space on the counter to put a knife block can be the solution you are looking for. It’s easy to use, all your knives are together and it can be decorative as well.

How to Choose a Good Knife Block?

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In order to choose a proper model, you need to pay attention to the type of knives that you have. Chef, carving, utility, steak, bread, boning and paring knifes are the usual kitchen knife types.

Chef knifes are the most common ones. They’re used for cutting, chopping and slicing vegetables and meat and they can be 6 to 14 inches long. Bread knifes are designed not to break bread while slicing it and their length range is 6 to 10 inches. Carving knifes are similar to chef knives, but they are a bit thinner and they are used for cutting thin slices of meat. Their length stretches from 8 to 15 inches. Utility knives are a bit shorter, since they can be 4 to 7 inches long and they can be used for preparing sandwiches, cutting fruit or any kind of small job. Steak knives can be serrated or plain, their length is 8 to 9 inches, while paring knives are the smallest, 2 to 4 inches long and they are used for small kitchen jobs like removing seeds from vegetables, peeling etc.

More Things to Think About Before Buying It

First of all – building materials. It can be made of steel, plastic and wood. Each material has its flaws, in terms of quality, capacity, maintenance, etc., so the choice should be also adjusted to the number and type of knives that you want to store. Another thing to think about is the size, so be careful to pick the block according to your knives’ length. The final thing is design and even though it’s not the decisive factor when buying something like this, it can act like a decorative element in your kitchen.

Top 5 Shortlist

  • Shenzhen Knives Knife Block

Source: Amazon.com

It’s highly practical since it can be stored in the drawer, so your knives can be in a knife block in the drawer, which is pretty cool. A standard 3-inch deep drawers can store this type of knife block and you can put 10-15 knives in it. This block provides you with cavities of various sizes and shapes, so if your knife collection is diversified, this is the knife block for you, not to mention that it preserves space. Like most of Shenzhen products, it’s made from eco-friendly and bacteria resistant bamboo.

  • Shenzhen Universal Knife Block

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The name itself tells you that this knife block can store scissors or sharpening rods, aside from cutting knives and it also provides you with lots of storage space, with up to 19 knife-slots. Newly designed angle slots enable you to store and use your knives with no difficulties, while the horizontal slot reduces fraying level of the knife’s blade. It’s made of bamboo veneer and wood core, so if you have any space on your kitchen counter, this model could fit smoothly into your kitchen arrangement.

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With this glass-made model, knives are visible and easy to find, thanks to the Swiss design. It can store 18 different blades, up to 8 inches long. It’s easy to clean and thanks to its contemporary design, it can be a great addition to your kitchen, while it’s colorless surface allows you to decorate it in any way you want.

  • Boker Magnetic Knife Block

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Seven wooden panels with magnets is what makes its design creative. You stick your knives to the side of the block and thus make them visible and easy to use and store. The magnets are strong, but don’t worry, there’s no risk of chipping your knives. Needless to say it’s easy to maintain and since it’s available in three different colors it can fit into many kitchen arrangements.

  • Premio Stainless Steel Knife Block

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Materials that were used for this model provide you with strength and stability, while its contemporary exterior can easily fit into any kitchen style. Its dual layer wave-slot design prevents abrasion, a feature which clearly put this knife block one step ahead of some other models. This one is also easy to clean and it provides space for 12 different blades.

In conclusion, as previously said, it’s up to your desires and needs what model you want to purchase. However, if you will go with our choice, Shenzhen Universal Knife Block is definitely the model to have among your kitchen accessories.

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