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Top 5 Crystals for New Beginnings and Making a Fresh Start

We could all use some fresh start at some times of our life, we could use a new beginning, but somehow we do not know how to do it. It seems like we lack some energy and that we need that extra push to make things work. So what could be that initial point that will change things forever?

We suggest crystals – this is the power that is based on the usage of crystals and their healing powers.

There are crystals for new beginnings that can help you to make significant life changes and to be your guide for the next chapter in your life.

It is said that crystals, like Amazonite, or Pink Opal can be a great support when you’re beginning something on in times when you are starting something new. Here are the top 5 Crystals for New Beginnings and Making a Fresh Start, and in the end, you can choose for the one that will suit you the best. This is one inexpensive way of healing yourself using natural sources.

1. Lemon Chrysoprase

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Lemon Chrysoprase or as some like to call it a Citron Chrysoprase is one of the most healing stones that carry fantastic energy. This crystal has a pale smooth yellow color that also has a little bit of green shade and brown lines. Its appearance is remarkable and the power it carries, even more, it is delightful energy that is suitable for all those who are seeking change and a fresh beginning in life.

2. Amazonite

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Amazonite represents one marvelous gem that many people use for enhancing their energy levels in life, especially in times when they want to start something fresh, then this energy is necessary.

Its color is green with blue shades, or blue with green shades – this is definitely a crystal that carries soothing energy, the kind of energy necessary for calming down, before some actions. It is like looking at the calm sea.

Amazonite crystal will help you make real-life changes, and above all, this is the gem that will help you increase confidence in yourself and your own decisions.

3. Tiger’s Eye

Source: gemstone7.com

What a fantastic name, what a tremendous stone that genuinely can help you in life, there is no doubt about it. It carries the energy of the tiger, and with its golden color, it can boost you to the point where changes are happening, and you are enjoying.

It is the stone made for people who need to step out of their comfort zone and who want to do something extra special in their lives, not just to sit and wait for things to happen.

4. Pink Opal

Source: The Curious Gem

This remarkable stone belongs to opal family, but its color is different, and it is said that this is the stone that can help you bring the happiness in your life if you have lost it along the way.

This is the pale pink stone with the touches of white color that will help you get rid of the old guides that ruled your life for so long, but now the time for a change has come.

It is said that this pink stone is so powerful that it can give you an insight into how to improve emotional, spiritual and mental self. This stone will provide you with focus.

Did you know that this stone has a medicinal purpose – it can soothe troubled skin. This is also one gem that is used for treating problems with lungs, heart, liver and even spleen.

Some people who have diabetes use them for soothing their problems. For more info about pink opal, you check this link.

5. Moonstone

Source: IndiaMART

In the end, we must mention the Moonstone has a creamy off white color with a pearl-like sheen in some of its components.

This crystal is sometimes called the lunar crystal, and many civilisations have used it for the purpose of healing. Today, it is also used for helping people in new beginnings.

Crystals can truly connect your mind and the body. Energy medicine is, in fact, based on the assumption that the human body is composed of energy fields. When energy is properly distributed, and when it freely circulates, our body is healthy. For any imbalance or excessive energy charge, it is believed that it causes an energy shortage or surplus, and thus causes disease in our body.

What kind of changes are you planning in the time that will come in sooner or later future, and the main question is, are you ready for those changes in life?

And the more important question here is, are you feel connected to any particular crystal?

Maybe some crystal that you have found on our list, and this is no surprise, since all 5 of these stones are the best of the best, with the healing properties that were proven many times now. Choose your own, and believe in its strength to help you overcome problems.

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