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Top 5 Business Benefits of Advanced Microsoft Excel

Advanced Microsoft excel tool is used by big companies, individuals and serious auditors. It is a great data analysis tool as well. Right now; it is popular because it ensures fast automatic data analysis and chart creation on the spreadsheets of Excel. Learn about top five business benefits of advanced MS excel toolkit. 4d.dk is an accredited online site which offers advanced course on Microsoft excel. Get training to become efficient in preparing charts, and doing complicated calculations.

Advanced Excel for Pie Chart Creation and Data Analysis

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Usually, big companies have to collect or curate data from bundles of sites/online sources. Later, experts have to rewrite or upgrade the format of the data for different purposes. For instance, simple advanced excel sheet has faster data analysis capability.

After inserting data into particular grids, the automated excel machine detects and start categorizing the data. This is a quick data sharing, content distribution and information analysis tool. Import important files from different sites and then try to do better calculation before data deployment. Do content alignment, merging and computing using Power queries. Besides, the data are filtered quickly.  Take decision faster for the sake of reinforcement of your business. Regularly, busy accountants and professional auditors need such advanced data merging, and content sharing/distributing toolkit.

Choose Conditional Formatting

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For identifying different columns on the sheets, one can select the conditional formatting style. Separate these columns with various colors and bolds or italics. “Quick Analysis” button is helpful to an user to update pre-tax profit sheet and accounting package. With the formatting tab, do proper data coloring and column identification. Advanced MS excel accelerates overall skill of the employees who are able to troubleshoot problems in preparation of the financial budgets. Difficult and complicated accounts are solved with the help of this upgraded innovative spreadsheet.

Organize Data – Use Advanced Microsoft Excel

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It is unique to manage accounting details and content distribution. It organizes different files in a specific folder. So, during emergency, you will have no technical issue to find the specific file/data. Use insert tab for adding information to the existing documents.

For Making Different Financial Models

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To create different financial models, advanced Microsoft excel spreadsheet enables a financial expert to arrange data through screening and analysis.  There are a number of formulae which are of course useful to experts for the content arrangement and improvement of financial models. 

SUMIF and COUNTIF- Different Formula to Use

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SUMIF and COUNTIF are effective for conditional functions. It helps a financial professional to add more cells which have similar criteria and information. With COUNTIF formula, it is a dynamic application to the user for cells counting. It is now an advanced method for counting and adding cells to the excel sheet. “Choose” section is another formula which specifies particular category or object. Say, there are different percentages ( 12%, 10 % and 20%) for tracking the growth in the food processing sectors. As you need to select 12%, just go for the Choose option to highlight 12 percent. Scenario analysis guides you to know about the “choose” function.

The advanced Excel software builds up intricate equations faster. That’s why; it expands the business, and brings flow to increase the activities of employees in the workstations. It integrates all financial reports and calculations. So, pie charts, graphs and financial content are easily managed via advanced Microsoft excel toolkit. Do more templates for preparing budgets/financial documents/spreadsheets.  The advanced data analysis application tools assist people to solve problems. Data visualization and presentation must be done when you choose this advanced Excel spreadsheet.

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