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Top 5 benefits of using Digital Signage Analytics to boost your business

As more and more businesses are preferring Digital Signage for outdoor advertising, performing analysis to interpret digital signs is a critical and essential need. Business owners need to know how their marketing campaigns are performing out there, this is where Analytics Solution steps in by providing priceless insights for piloting your marketing campaigns.

Digital Signage Analytics brings power to marketers who are able to perform a comprehensive analysis of user behavior & engagement with Ads broadcast, capitalizing on Face and object detection. Latest progress with Artificial intelligence technology enables marketers to take advantage of digital signs to optimize digital campaigns.

In association with the experts of RedFalcon, we’ve compiled a list of 5 benefits why Digital Signage Analytics could be a strong asset for your marketing

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1. Master the art of creating powerful content

Digital signage coupled with AI enables you to display efficient promotions and pinpoint your future offers at the right time exploiting your customer digital signs. You can serve your ads tactically at areas where people spend a longer time. You can learn which type of your messages drives the highest engagement of your audience.

2. Accurate Data on Customers turnover

Business need to be able to measure audience engagement with their product, what if you could receive reliable report and display the right Ads to the right customer? That’s exactly what digital signage analytics enables you to do. Your customer digital signs are priceless insights you should leverage to convey the right message to the right people effectively.

3. Automated Feedback

Your target audience is  not always cooperative in filling surveys and feedback forms. Not many people are ready  to fill out the forms and there is a high probability of inaccurate results due to the lack of cooperation. Digital Signage analytics will provide you with instant automated feedback on your campaign performance since you’ll be able to interpret your customers digital signs whether they’re expressing enthusiasm or dis- enthusiasm to your ads.

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4. An environment conducive for testing

When decision makers are getting constant and instant automated feedback, they also have the luxury to try out different things. Digital Signage analytics is a cost-effective solution and one-time installation is done to carry out multiple campaigns. Businesses can try to deliver different kinds of attractive messages over a period of short time and see what works best for them. This is an excellent way to experiment with different types of marketing messages and analyze the results.

5. Reliable insights on User Behavior and Preference

Digital signage analytics will grant you with comprehensive reports to help you understand your potential customer engagement with your products. These insights are key for making wise decisions on your marketing campaigns strategy. Which type of content and/or messages are liked or disliked by your target audience and adjust accordingly.

As you can see, digital signage got revolutionized thanks to artificial intelligence technology bringing new analytics capabilities, you can now deliver your messages more effectively toward your target audience. This is why you should definitely consider taking advantage of it to promote your business.

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