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Top 23 White Sneakers for Women

White sneakers have always been number one footwear. From sporty to stylish, we give you top 23 white sneakers for women to wear in this 2019.

Leopard laces

Source: DIANI Boutique

The neon star and leopard laces give a whimsical touch.


Source: glowsly.com

Colorful stripes and Tory Sport logo on the laces make them very attractive. There are also some ruffles on the eyelets that give a special touch to the sneakers.


Source: Neiman Marcus

Marant logo on the side with some blue leather and cream suede are making these sneakers fantastic.

Check pattern

Source: Burberry

Burberry designed this elegant, check patterned sneakers, with its logo on the back. They are sporty yet classy, and you can wear them on whatever you want.


Source: giuseppezanotti.com

And unique. The rubber bottoms are thick with a spiky surface and a web trim, and on the top, you have a zipper. Nothing is too much on these sneakers, and they are quite stylish.


Source: shop.nordstrom.com

Air Max is definitely something the best out there for walking and running. These Nike sneakers have a purple detailed base, so you will look very stylish while running on the streets.


Source: fwrd.com

Off-White is known for its unique shoe designs, and these sneakers are no different. Green, blue and red go perfect with white, and these sneakers are made for walking in the city.


Source: danse-maryvonnick.com

Balenciaga can sure make sneakers for women. This lavender, purple design on white running sneakers make them very sporty, yet fashionable.


Source: mytheresa.com

Pink has always been a girl’s favorite color, and these Adidas sneakers have their stripes in pink. Adorable.

Pink bottom

Source: mytheresa.com

A slightly less pink than Adidas sneakers, this pink is found on the bottom part of the sneakers.

Chuck Taylor

Source: Cyber Monday

Probably the most famous sneakers in the world, All Stars are a must have. This simple design with some touch of red and blue is something you just have to own and wear.


Source: farfetch.com

High platform sneakers are a big hit this year, and these Marco De Vincenzo x Superga sneakers have colorful Swarovski crystals on each side of the sneakers.

Ellen DeGeneres

Source: farfetch.com

Ellen’s style has always been very casual, and fashionable, and these sneakers are the best representation of both. The heart on the side with the word “love” is just too adorable to handle.


Source: glowsly.com

With a green leather above the heel and a red V letter on the side make these sneakers simple and retro.


Source: fwrd.com

On the rim of the shoe is a colorful braid with small shells attached. Nice touch to white sneakers.


Source: net-a-porter.com

If you are not a fan of leather, these faux leather sneakers are perfect for you. Stella McCartney has a huge rubber bottom, which as we said, are very big this year.

Red and Blue

Source: shopbop.com

Classic red, blue and white colors are making these sneakers very stylish and sporty at the same time.


Source: fwrd.com

With just a touch of green above the heel, these Adidas sneakers draw their influence from tennis player Stan Smith.

Bulk Velcro

Source: farfetch.com

Velcro bands are making them unique, and the huge rubber sole and the colors black, yellow and blue make them sporty.


Source: mytheresa.com

Red and white have always been a fantastic combination, and these Givenchy sneakers added a touch of red to their sneakers and thus made them very elegant.


Source: farfetch.com

If you love something that makes you stand out in the crowd, that this is made just for you. The purple and white Dolce&Gabbana shoes are nothing short of eccentric and classy.


Source: matchesfashion.com

For more minimalistic ladies, cream rubber sole is the only thing added to these white sneakers.


Source: shopbop.com

Purple, yellow and light blue look so elegant on this another big rubber sole designed sneakers. Stylish.

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