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Top 22 Free Websites That Are Ideal For Watching TV Shows

If you are in search of the best sites to watch TV shows online for free this is the article you want to read. We know how hard it can be to find the right sites, since many require signing up and similar inconveniences. Most of our list contains nothing of the sort so you can check out and use any site from the list with ease.

Amazon Prime

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This is one of the most popular sites online, with no ads and high quality videos. It offers a huge HD movies collection and a plethora of great TV shows. They offer a free trial that lasts for 30 days and if you decide to become a member, they offer things like unlimited music streaming, two-day shipping for free, photo storage and book reading, as well as same day delivery without any costs.


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Another popular site that offers HD quality. You can watch some of the most popular TV shows of our decade, such as Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead etc. and it will ‘cost’ you only a few popup ads per visit. With regular updates in terms of new episodes and with a vast collection of TV shows it’s a great alternative to Netflix or Amazon Prime.


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WatchSeries.Rocks is one of the recent platforms that surfaced online. You just pick a show, find an episode and press the play button. Mind you, there are ‘Stream in HD’ and ‘Download in HD’ options, but these are not the ones you are looking for. It still has a small collections of TV shows, but the latest movies as well and we believe the site will grow and it would be ill-advised not to be updated about this one.


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The site is easy to use, no popup ads, it requires no registration and with a large collection of TV shows it sounds like a great offer to us. Besides, they offer free movies too, so we can’t see the reason to pass on this one.


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What characterizes this site is the categories the offer: Latest Release Dates, Newly Added TV Shows, Sorted by Name and Best Rated. They also offer additional information on the actors, the production etc., with links to various related websites. When you choose a show and an episode, click on the play button and your episode will appear in a new window. No registration or download required, so enjoy!

Sony Crackle

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Sony Crackle has a bit different platform organization than Rainierland. TV shows are divided by genre and it also has trailers and short video clips from various shows. With optional registration, a huge collection and android apps, it allows you to enjoy using it everywhere you are. Its use is limited to a certain number of countries but with the help of VPN that nuisance can be resolved as well.


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Streaming full episodes, no registration and a fine video quality are the traits of this site. It has a popup ad here and there, but nothing to worry about and it offers more than 4 streaming servers, which means that you always have an alternative way to your favorite TV show. The only weakness is a limited TV show database.


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This one has a search box that helps you find the show you want to watch and, of course, it doesn’t want you to register or download the episodes. Its 5+ streaming server links provide you with a lot of options and links to other related sites are also its feature. It offers a great number of international movies as well.


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With a huge database of TV shows, BMovies can be a life-saver if other platforms fail. With popular shows, such as The Arrow, The Voice etc., with Hollywood and Bollywood movies in their collection, as well as Top IMDb movies from all around the world, BMovies does appear as a sound choice.


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It’s usually ad-free, however, it can happen that you’ll have to face it sometimes. It has ‘New Seasons’ and ‘New Episodes’ categories, it offers shows like Vikings, Flash etc., and the important part is that they regularly update their collection with the latest TV shows and episodes.


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One of the better choices for watching TV shows online for free is KeckTV.com. What makes this site so different from the most is the airing category. Every TV show that is aired on TV at any moment can be found and watched on this site soon after the episodes’ premiere. It’s perplexing how many categories the site contains and with 200+ TV shows that the site offers, it can be considered as one of the most important free TV show sources online.

Hotstar TV Series

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This platform was founded in India and its popularity is constantly rising. It’s the main source of free online TV shows for many Indians and it only requires a quick log in. We would really appreciate your review of this site since it offers shows like Game of Thrones and some other, non-available HBO series on Netflix. The site has really nice free and premium catalogs and you can download an app for both Android and iPhone/iPad devices.

Cartoon HD

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It’s very simple to use, it offers one of the best video qualities online and it doesn’t require any registration or singing in, which contributes to its ever-growing popularity. The site offers both TV shows and movies in HD quality, as the title suggests and it’s really hard not to like the site. It also has a streaming app for Android and iOS devices, which only expands one’s possibilities with Cartoon HD.


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SeehdClub’s main feature is the possibility to download instantly whatever TV show or movie you want to see. The whole experience on this site does require a log in, but it’s free and it will make your life on this site a lot easier. The platform is user-friendly but it comes in two forms – one is for free users and the other is for premium users. Needless to say, the latter comes with much more conveniences.


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Prison Brake, Game of Thrones and New Girl are some of the many titles that you can find here. All your favorite TV series from the past 15-20 years is what the site offers. It even has a calendar attached to help you find the desired TV show based on the year it was launched. It’s a user-friendly platform and it can be quite a pleasant surprise when you discover that it contains an old TV show that you watched and missed dearly.


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Again, an amazing free online TV series platform with a large database of HD quality videos. The site’s interface is simple and the feature that qualifies this site as one of the more prominent ones is the high quality of their content. Find your TV show, explore its episodes and the only trouble that you are going to have is a few popups that we are all familiar with when it comes to free online TV show platforms.


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This site offers all the latest TV shows and in that way it attracts a great number of visitors. It does require a log in, but it’s simple to browse through the platform and you have access to additional information on a certain TV show in terms of links to sites like IMDb etc. Their video quality is great, so if you don’t find it boring to log in to experience this site, you are more than welcome to check it out.


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Whether you want to watch some old series or the new ones, this is the place online that you want to explore. With a catalogue available it’s simple to choose a category and find the TV show to your liking. It’s easy to use, the video quality is great and it doesn’t need anything more to make watching a TV show a pleasant experience. It also comes with a few ads and banners.


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This one doesn’t require signing up, but it’s not organized in the best way, since it doesn’t contain categories like year, genre, country etc. It offers two streaming servers and the only way to find the desired TV show is through a search bar. However, once you find the show that you like, you can find information about the plot, the actors, IMBd ratings and every other detail that might be diverting.


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Apart from all the previous sites on the list, this one is for movie enthusiasts only. It doesn’t offer TV shows, but the video quality that they offer is exceptional. It doesn’t require registration, it’s organized in a user-friendly way and you don’t need to register. The site contains a number of genres and it takes very little time to get to love it. It has two streaming servers so it always provides you with two options and the best part is that you can make a movie request by using contact fro.

Watch Series

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This site is the perfect for TV show enthusiasts since it offers a variety of series, both old and new. The videos that they offer are hosted on different servers so the uploading process may take a while, but the good thing is the great number of video links available. It offers HD quality videos and the platform’s design is a sort of its trademark.

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WatchFree.to offers a great number of the most popular TV shows with their latest episodes as well. Breaking Bad, Suits, Game of Thrones and many others are the reason why its users find it appealing. The only thing you need to do is to enter the website and to pick your favorite series, you don’t have to log in or waste your time on any similar activities. The site has a great database and along with the HD quality videos it sure promises a fine experience.

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In conclusion, this is the list based on our resources and its purpose is to help people find their favorite TV show for free, so if any person who reads this article has another great option, please feel free to share it with us. Take advantage of free trials wherever you can before you opt for purchasing any premiums and also let us know about your favorite TV show so that we can provide you with any information in the future.

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