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Top 15 Kitten Shoes for 2019

For those who aren’t familiar with the term kitten shoes, kitten shoes have a small heel and an extended front part. Everything that went out of style years ago is coming back, and with that, so are kitten shoes. Here are the best 15 kitten shoes we found for you to wear in 2019.


Source: Lyst

Animal prints are back this season, so there is no wonder that this animal print kitten heel is on our list. Saint Laurent is the company behind them, and the wrap-tie round the joint is what makes this leopard kitten heel refined.


Source: Lyst

Ganni black suede kitten heels add beauty and class to your everyday outfit. With a soft rubber bottom and sling back form, you will feel like walking on air with these. The bow tie at the back adds a little bit of appeal to the overall look.

Simple pump

Source: Amazon

Calvin Klein classic pump kitten heel is timeless, to say the least.


Source: Lyst

For hot summer days, kitten heel sandals are perfect. And these blue with a strappy leather over toes makes them easy to wear and walk for a long time.


Source: Ssense

Italian Futurism served as an influence for this unique kitten heel, and if you want all eyes on you, that you should definitely own this pair of Fendi kitten heels.

Sling back

Source: Amazon

Another sling back design, this is simple, yet unique. The block heel will make your walking even more relaxed, and this design will make your legs seem longer.

Queen of dIsco

Source: Stefaniamode

Saint Laurent made this golden disco heel that is fantastic for a party.


Source: Lyst

See-through vinyl decorations make this kitten heel stand out, despite being a classic pump. The black suede just adds refinement to the shoe, so you just have to have a pair of these heels in your closet!


Source: Pinterest

Whimsical and cheerful. The sparkle and the colors, and the odd design make you look playful and joyful, so we definitely recommend you buying them because happiness is written all over them!


Source: luisaworld

Bottega Veneta made this stylish, yet old-fashion heels. The color and the metallic toe is what makes this shoe a bit more old-fashioned, but the overall style screams the 21st century.


Source: Selfridges

This is probably the smallest heel on this list, but that doesn’t make this kitten heel less attractive. Quite the opposite – the silver leather and the slingback pattern are what makes this shoe so appealing! Even the translucent PVC decorations beneath the strap make the design different.

Black and white

Source: Mytheresa

Miu Miu always has fantastic shoes, and this one is no exception. Geometric heel, thick bottom, and the black leather go amazing together.


Source: eBay

If you want to feel a bit more feminine and minimalistic, this is perfect for you. Classy and elegant, your everyday trip to the office will go like a breeze with these.

Pretty in pink

Source: Lyst

Well, if you want to feel extra feminine then get these ones right away! Pink, fuchsia and crystal clasps make you feel like a fairytale princess. Who needs a prince anyway, if a shoe like this can make you live in your own fairytale?


Source: Amazon

Turquoise band over the red tartan shoe adds class to the overall look. Plus, it makes you feel like those crazy rainy fall days are not over, and that the sunny days are just around the corner.

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