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Top 15 Keyboards That Are Ideal for Gamers and Cost Less Than 50 Bucks

When it comes to the gaming industry, nothing is cheap, from GPU-s and CPU-s, fast hard drives, RAM, 4K monitors and so much more, you are lead to believe that there is nothing cheap and good. It is true that more money usually means better stuff, but sometimes there are exceptions, brands that are just finding their way on the market often will put together a cheaper yet higher quality stuff to get their name to be recognized.

If you are a gamer, you know you need something reliable, user-friendly and something that can offer excellent performance, to give you the edge over the opponent. So, what are the best gaming keyboards under 50 dollars, that you can get most from and save some money in the process?

1. Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard

Source: PLE Computers

Everything you need in under 50 dollars, this keyboard has RGB backlighting, ergonomic design, detachable wrist pad, and very responsive keys. It has six keys that you can program yourself to a function to your liking. Height adjustable, volume controls, for Windows users, this is a great keyboard that will bring your game up.

2. Redragon K552 RED LED mechanical gaming keyboard

Source: Armchair Empire

A mechanical keyboard is what pro users use, and choose over any other keys, and with red backlighting, it looks twice the price. It is durable and short (no number pad), perfect for gamers, easy and comfortable. It has 12 keys dedicated to multimedia, so you can listen to music while you stream and play your favorite game.

3. Eagletec KG010 mechanical keyboard

Source: Amazon.ca

Medium resistance keys mechanical keyboard, blue backlight made for gamers. Made from aluminum and ABS the casing is durable and sturdy, with excellent ergonomics. If you are not a fan of blue LED color, you can change it, as well as the WASD keys and arrow keys they can swap too. Spill-resistant, and packed with features, it is a great keyboard.

4. Cooler Master Devastator 3 gaming keyboard

Source: Tech4Gamers

Cooler Master is a well-known brand, and when it comes to ease of use, durability, and performance, we know their keyboard will stand up to the task. It comes with a mouse. It looks great, and the keys are very tactile, there are also six dedicated keys to control your media. The mouse has programmable DPI levels for smother and faster gaming from 800 to 2800 DPI, to suit any style you prefer.

5. VicTsing mechanical gaming keyboard

Source: VicTsing

Tomoko MMC023 is a perfect keyboard with mechanical blue switches, dust and spill resistant, ergonomic cascading keycaps, and 100% anti-ghosting with 12 multimedia shortcuts.  The only thing it lacks is the LED backlighting, and shorter design means no number pad too. If you are not in it for the flashy looks but performance maybe this one is for you.

6. Havit gaming keyboard

Source: Amazon.ca

Another combo package with keyboard and mouse all in one, Havit is here to deliver. Backlight ergonomic keyboard with six programmable keys and a mouse that can change DPI from 800 to 3200. If you ever need to press 19 keys at once than with this keyboard, you can, without any bugs. Everything is customizable from the color of the backlight to keys and their functions.

7. Redragon S101 gaming keyboard

Source: Wootware

Great value for the money, Redragon S101 is a very functional and durable keyboard. Great gaming experience, feels good under the fingers and is an overall good keyboard. It has a futuristic design, with flashy RGB lights. This keyboard has 25 anti-conflicting keys, eight independent keys and of course, a multimedia keys for you to control your music and gaming experience. It also has 5 programmable Macro keys to create profiles and assign shortcuts so you can perform on a higher level.

8. AULA SI-859 gaming keyboard

Source: Armchair Empire

AULA SI-859 gaming keyboard packed with features and with LED backlight, it is another great keyboard for your setup. Full sized keys with no ghosting, for a smooth and excellent performance. There are six keys for your multimedia, it is spill proof and LED colors are easily adjustable.

9. Razer DeathStalker Essential gaming keyboard

If Razer is good for something, then that is gaming, the company is well known in the industry, and this keyboard is no exception. A budget-friendly keyboard that offers excellent performance, it is slick and minimal designed real stealth looking, all black with a wrist-rest and highly responsive keys. There is a dedicated gaming mode and ten keys that are non-conflicted. It is synced to a cloud server and downloads drivers and updates firmware but keeps your settings, for even greater performance.

10. BlueFinger gaming keyboard

Source: Amazon.com

Not a design for everyone but a striking one it is, this BlueFinger gaming keyboard comes packed with useful features. Very responsive keys, media buttons, LED backlight, and 19 anti-conflict keys, all in one gaming keyboard. It is very durable, keys will not wear off over time, and the LED comes with three colors and three breathing modes.

11. Azio Levetron L70

Source: Amazon.com

The Azio gaming keyboard, modern and clean looking is one of the best choices under 50 dollars. The highest point for durability and design to this keyboard, but also it is a great performer. Great wrist support, blue color backlight, multi-key rollover, and a volume knob great for quick volume adjustment, it is a packed keyboard to suit every gamer needs. Also, if you ever spilled a drink over your keyboard, with this one you do not have to be afraid it is spill-proof.

12. Rii RK100 gaming keyboard

Source: Amazon UK

Mechanical feeling keyboard style this Rii RK100 is a great performer. Finished in matt color, with backlight keys in 3 LED colors, this keyboard comes with standard 104 keys and has dedicated keys for multimedia, a trend we see popping up with every keyboard manufacturer. Anti-ghosting, very comfortable and ergonomic designed a great gaming tool that you need in your arsenal to win every game.

13. Sarepo Echo gaming keyboard

Source: Amazon UK

Talking about the right tool for the job, Sarepo Echo keyboard is just that. Impressive performance with great nine LED modes, and anti-ghosting keys that sit on a housing with a built-in palm rest for that long hour gaming sessions. Keys are profiled and feel good under fingers, for smoother gameplay, and they will not wear off in time.

14. Cooler Master Devastator II gaming keyboard

Source: Amazon UK

Cooler Master’s exclusive switches are durable and feel like mechanical with satisfying tactical feedback. Like its big brother Devastator 3, it has all the great features but at a smaller price. It is a great looking keyboard, and if you value performance than this one is perfect — robust keyboard, with profiled keys that will not fade, durable and ergonomic, a no brainer.

15. Rii RM400 104 gaming keyboard

Source: Amazon.com

This gaming keyboard is great; it has all the features that a gamer needs. Great modern keyboard with seven-color backlit LED designed for comfort and performance. Keys are durable and tactile for a greater feeling, and it comes with an ergonomic gaming mouse that can change DPI in 3 presets. It is built with spill and water resistance technology; overall great buy under 50 dollars.

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