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Top 15 Inventive Ideas for Dividing your Room

Whether your apartment is somewhat smaller, or you just feel like there are not enough walls in your home, consider redecorating by using these handy dividers. Besides from forming secluded pieces of space that can be very comfy, these dividers can be classy pieces of style. Just look at them and try not to go renovating this instant.

1. Tall and Neutral Finishing Touch

Source: Elle

Designer Richard Mishaan decided to add some stylish accents in the neutral living room in a New York City loft. Don’t you just love it?

2. Go for a Sliding Glass

Source: Elle

Learn a lesson from Jamie Bush and architect Dennis Gibbens – the way they used the power of frosted glass in this Beverly Hills dining space simply catches the eye.

3. Incorporate a Vintage Screen

Source: hips

If you like personality-screaming items, you’ll adore this Fornasetti screen from the Greenwich Village home of Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan.

4. Good Old Curtain

Source: Homedit

Chose the elegant one and just hung it. Take a look at this San Francisco loft. Simple but powerful, right?

5. Consider a French Design

Source: hips

If you like playful designs, just listen to what this dining area of Spanish fashion designer Jorge Vázquez has to say to you.

6. Incorporate a Japanese Screen

Source: hips

Remember how classics never go out of fashion? Be the student of Ken Fulk and just look at what he has done with this American ambassador’s residence in Vienna.

7. Powerful Pairs

Source: Architectural Digest

You can’t go wrong with Richard Mishaan. This time, look at how he uses the power of two. Wow, right?

8. Use Color Effects

Source: mycokerewards

You know that boring piece of space you’ve wanted to fill out for ages? Try screens with punchy colors. They will work perfectly!

9. Build in a Glass Wall

Source: Elle

If feng shui is your thing, take a piece of advice from model Natalie Lim Suarez and see how a glass wall can change the energy of your home.

10. Make a Statement with Korean Screen

Source: hips

It can be a perfect solution if you are opting to add some personality to your design. Just take a glance at this sitting room of a London townhouse, and draw your ideas from there.

11. Express Personality with Faux Leather Screen

Source: hips

Go bold and experiment with faux leather. You will get a gold star for uniqueness. Look at how luxuriously it sounds in Thom Filicia’s living room.

12. Choose a Chinese Screen

Source: Elle

Listening to Chanel leaves no room for mistakes – she had Chinese screens in all of her homes.

13. Try Wooden Doors

Source: hips

If you have enough space in your home like collector Benoist Drut of Maison Gerard has, try these doors from Uruguay and you won’t regret it.

14. Play with Patterns

Source: Elle

Designer Irakli Zaria and Galerie Glustin gave us all a lesson in experimenting. Colorful doubled patterns add a stylish note to this the sitting room of a London pied-à-terre.

15. Surround the Fireplace

Source: hips

If you own a fireplace, consider accessorizing it with some classy Chinese screens like interior designer Ernest de la Torre did in this estate house in Tuxedo Park, New York.

16. Go for Upholstery Design

Source: Avso

Retro design is having his big come-back. Get inspired by Ellen Pompeo’s home, which was designed by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard.

17. Try a Bookshelf

Source: gratevilledead

Sometimes the simplest solution can do a perfect job. Just pull your bookshelf away from the wall and see how conveniently it divides your room.

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