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Top 15 Best Tattoo Ideas For Women

A tattoo is not a taboo anymore. Almost every other person on the planet has at least one, that means something to them. Take a look at 15 tattoo that we thought are the best for a lady to get.


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We don’t have to tell you what the heart represents. You can tattoo a sole heart, or you can add whatever you want to it, to have a meaning that only you can understand.



The bringers of spring. Like starts, they represent hope, but also good and bad luck. In some cultures, they represent love and fertility, while in others they are a symbol of the souls of dead children. One of the reasons why women get swallows tattooed is that they have one partner their whole life, and that is a meaning for true love.


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Nowadays butterfly represents beauty and love, and a butterfly is a very popular tattoo design amongst girls. It would be better to get it in colors since it is more impactful than just a black and white butterfly.

Cherry Blossom

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Cherry blossom is a symbol of life in Japan, and in China, it is a symbol of love, femininity, beauty, and sexuality. It is one of the most popular tattoo designs amongst women, and you can’t deny its beauty, so you won’t be making a mistake if you decide to go for this design.


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Every tattoo has a meaning behind it, and that is what makes it special. If you get something just to have it on your body, you will soon be bored with it and you would like to remove it. But when you get something that has a special meaning to you, you will always be remembered when you see it. So carefully choose what you want to get tattooed on your body.


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Vine can be either an extension to floral design, or it could be a tattoo for itself. Vine tattoos are normally large, and women tend to tattoo them across their ribs, back and on their ankles. They are a symbol of love, relationships, and dedication. Ivy, for example, represents immortality, and it goes great with mistletoe. While ivy kills the tree by growing around it, mistletoe doesn’t, and they are living in a great union of love, strength, happiness, and luck.


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Zodiac signs are popular among both men and women. Each sign has its story, so there is definitely a meaning behind every zodiac tattoo design if you are a horoscope believer.

Dream catcher

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We could say that Miley Cyrus brought dream catchers the popularity amongst tattoo designs. Dream catchers have some other meaning beside catching a dream, and they look beautiful on your body.


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From one tiny star to a whole galaxy, stars are also very common tattoo design among women. Since they shine and provide us light, stars represent truth and hope.


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Fairy is probably the most beloved creature in every girl’s life, with Tinkerbell being the most famous of all. This magical creature is a symbol for wishes and desires, and fairies represent our wish to never grow up. Just like in Peter Pan.


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Be careful when you decide to have a feather tattooed because they have a lot of meanings. Like crow feather – it represents death, and dove feather – peace.


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Women love flowers, and getting a floral design on your body will put an accent on your femininity. Flowers also have meaning, you know. Like chrysanthemum – it represents perfection, and in Japan it represents death. Hibiscus is for beauty and rose and lotus flower is for pure love.


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If you chose letters and text, be careful with spelling mistakes, because that can ruin your whole idea. You can choose whatever you want to have on your body, some motivational quote or a significant letter, and be careful when you chose something in another language. Research before you decide to get it on your body!


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If some religious motif means something to you, and it doesn’t come from your religion, be free to place it on your body. But be careful with religious tattoos – some may get offended.


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Dragonfly is also popular in the ladies’ world. Dragonfly is a symbol for a short life, as they live for only one day, and that means that you shouldn’t take life seriously, and try to have fun because you only live once, and life is not that long.

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